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Xiaopeng Auto’s March Intelligence Report: NGP users have used mileage to exceed 2.3 million kilometers

   China News Service, April 12th. Today, Xiaopeng Motors released its March monthly intelligence report. The data shows that as of March, the mileage used by Xiaopeng NGP automatic navigation assisted driving users has reached 2,329,683 kilometers. The rapid increase in user mileage fully proves that users love and recognize NGP. At the same time, Xiaopeng NGP also completed the 3,000-kilometer expedition challenge in March, becoming the first auto company to complete a 3,000-kilometer highway crossing from north to south through mass-produced autonomous driving assistance functions. 228 guests including users, media, and industry experts, together with Xiaopeng Motors, set a milestone for China’s smart cars in the field of autonomous driving.


Musk’s tweet hinted that Xiaopeng’s car had plagiarized, and He Xiaopeng replied:next year we are going to be beaten by us to find it

Soon after the news was announced, it triggered discussions among American industry insiders. Tesla CEO Musk reposted related tweets, suggesting that the other party”plagiarized.” It is understood that at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Xiaopeng Motors said that the lidar system will improve its next-generation autonomous driving architecture, especially the high-precision target recognition performance of the vehicle.


Weilai ideal Xiaopeng hand in answer sheet:Tesla in every question

Shenrancaijing (shenrancaijing) original author | Jin Yunpi edited by Su Qi | Wei Jia under the high light, a short-selling agency Citron’s paper report, let the outside world re-examine the company of Weilai, ideal and Xiaopeng were also”back to their original shape” . On November 13, Weilai, Ideal and Xiaopeng were all listed in the top 10 US stocks by turnover.


30%shock overnight! Three major new energy vehicle stock prices collectively dive

Overnight, the three major US stock indexes closed up collectively, but the three major new energy vehicle stocks fell. As of the close, Weilai Automobile (NIO.N) fell 7.35%, Xiaopeng Automobile (XPEV.N) fell 6.55%, ideal car (LI.US) fell 1.83%. Due to new highs in the delivery of new energy vehicles, the share prices of new car manufacturers in the US stock market have been strong for several weeks.


Top 10 mistakes made by Xiaopeng Motors with a market value of $15.5 billion

On the evening of August 27, Beijing time, Xiaopeng Motors was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code”XPEV”. As of the close of the first transaction, Xiaopeng Motors’ first trading day closed at US$21.22 per share, an increase of 41.47%from the issue price, pushing the market value of Xiaopeng Motors to a peak of US$15.59 billion.