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Yang Chen:I can’t accept naturalization if I say in my heart, there is no way now

Live it on January 13th Former national footballer Yang Chen is a guest on Zhan Jun Radio and chatted with Zhan Jun on the topic of naturalization. Yang Chen said frankly that it is difficult to accept naturalization.”I can’t accept naturalization in my heart. There is no other way. Chinese football should be done by the Chinese. If the youth training is better, you don’t need to take this step.””If it is for the current level of our national team, It may also have to be accepted, because there are no good people.


Yang Chen:Young players should get more opportunities to study abroad, don’t just be obsessed with domestic life

Live broadcast July 14th The former Chinese international Yang Chen in an interview with the”Football News”, called on young players to fight for more opportunities to go abroad to study abroad. Some people think that it is better to stay in the country to play professional leagues rather than go abroad to watch”water dispensers”. How would you rate this view?