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“Wonderful Flower Story 7” premiered, Yang Mi’s makeup was in a state of exquisite makeup but collapsed, and the facial slackening lines were obvious

“Wonderful Talk” started on the evening of December 17th. I didn’t expect it to be the seventh season. Although the strangers in front of them overturned a lot of cars, the audience still looked forward to this show, let alone the first episode. Yang Mi was invited as a guest. This does not start broadcasting, and a lot of hot searches.


34-year-old Yang Mi is in the sky! Hot mom has a full body and a girly feeling

Yang Mi was born in 1986 and is now 34 years old, but she has appeared in many classic film and television dramas, including Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom, Gong Suo Xinyu, Xiao Shidai, I am a Witness, Legend of Sword and Fairy III, dear The translator, etc., she is an important role in every play, and her acting skills are also good, regardless of the eyes, expressions, and movements are in place.


Highlights of the fashion movie festival:Yang Mi hits Zhang Min in the face, Jing Boran shrank his shoulders and Wang Yibo is handsome

Famous scenes of the grand ceremony:Zhou Xun”makes laugh” Wang Yibo, Yang Mi sitting without energy, Liu Shishi, the goddess Fan-introduction. On the evening of November 19th, a magazine held a fashion film festival. Stars such as Zhou Xun, Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Chen Weiting, Jing Boran, Wang Yibo and others were all dressed up and the scene was star-studded.


The stars gather for the grand ceremony, Yang Mi and Liu Shishi are competing for beauty in the same frame, and Wang Yibo’s picture is clear at a glance

It’s the season when popular celebrities gather. Every time in autumn and winter, there will be many film festivals and fashion festivals. Large-scale events like this are the best stage for artists to expose themselves and increase their popularity, so many stars will appear one after another. Everyone shows up with the most exquisite makeup and fresh clothes. The purpose is to win the attention of more media and netizens.