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Yang Mi shows sexy in a strapless skirt

On October 10th, the studio released a set of beautiful pictures of Yang Mi, black and white spliced ​​dresses, elegant and playful, the state is as good as always, not much different from the raw pictures.


Yang Mi appeared in Milan, wearing a 4,000 windbreaker with a low-neck skirt is amazing, and the cut air bangs are too beautiful to recognize

Introduction:Yang Mi appeared in Milan, wearing a 4,000 windbreaker with a low-collar skirt is amazing, and the air-cut bangs are too beautiful to recognize. Not to mention appearance, Yang Mi’s temperament and fashion alone have already stood out among actresses of the same age. Today, she still has no sense of age at all, her skin is delicate, and the collagen on her face still appears in”Pong Lock Heart”. It looks the same in”Jade”.


It was revealed that Hawick Lau wanted to take his daughter to a reality show and fell out with Yang Mi. Hawick Lau denied the rumors of the fallout

Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that Hawick Lau wanted to take his daughter Xiao Nuomi to participate in a parent-child reality show, but Yang Mi was opposed to it, and the relationship between the two also fell out. On October 6, Hawick Lau responded to the incident, saying that he did not want to take his daughter to the show, and denied the rumors of falling out with Yang Mi, and bluntly said,”We only want our daughter to live a happy and happy life.”


Yang Mi’s new model rolls over, wears cheap black socks with letters, and is accused of vulgar posture

At noon today, a well-known fashion magazine in China released its October e-newsletter with Yang Mi on the cover, and launched a marketing campaign with”Yang Mi tilting his head to kill the blockbuster”. Unexpectedly, just a few hours after the relevant photos were released , Yang Mi’s”Cooking Head Kill” did not attract the attention of netizens. Instead, it was the black socks she wore when taking pictures. The price was only 149 yuan, which became the rough spot of traffic queen Yang Mi. Another rough spot was that Yang Mi took photos. At that time, the posture was weird and was criticized by netizens as indecent and vulgar.