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Liao TV Spring Festival Gala Guo Ailun gets a new nickname”Big Pretty” Hudson returns to tease Gong Xiaobin

Pan Changjiang also stated that he wants to be a domestic supporter in the Liaoning men’s basketball team and replace Guo Ailun as a defender. He also added Yang Ming’s head coach position by the way. On the evening of February 10th, the Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala was broadcast. The program was mainly based on Liaoning men’s basketball elements. Guo Ailun and Yang Ming’s opening remarks were very humorous. The wrestling between Pan Changjiang + Han Dejun and Song Xiaobao + Hudson was even more enjoyable.


3 fouls in 6 minutes! The tower of the Liao basket is like mud, and Yang Ming doesn’t know the Kung Fu Panda will be used up

On December 16th, Liaoning fell into a bitter battle against Guangzhou. Originally, Yang Ming led the team to establish a 19-point advantage in the first half. However, the Guangzhou team fought back wildly in the second half. The foreign aid Speights hit three consecutive three-pointers in the final quarter. The score was equalized twice, but Han Dejun made a strong rebound in the basket at a critical moment to allow the Liaoning team to keep the game and win with two points 95-93.


Poisoned milk first? Yang Ming:The overall strength of the Liaoning Basketball Team is not as good as that of Zhejiang. We must fight our opponents with a weak team mentality

On November 22, Beijing time, Liao Basketball’s coach Yang Ming spoke highly of the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team during the connection with Yu Jia, saying that the overall strength of the Zhejiang team is higher than that of the Liao basketball team. In the team, will fight with a weak team mentality. Is Yang Ming convincing the Zhejiang team, or is he giving his opponent a wave of poisonous milk?


Liao Basketball 11 wins and 1 loss ends the first stage of the game Yang Ming:The real game starts from the second stage

After beating Qingdao 105:99 in the CBA regular season on the evening of the 13th, the Liaoning team also ended the first stage of the new season with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss. In summing up the team’s performance, coach Yang Ming said that the young players still had shortcomings in the first stage, and the real game would not start until the second stage.


After the Liaoning team’s five-game winning streak

Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, October 28 (Reporters Su Bin, Xia Liang) Liaoning team beat Tianjin team 119:91 on the 28th and have won five consecutive victories since the start of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) this season. After the game, Liaoning team head coach Yang Ming said that maintaining concentration and a stable state is a problem that the team needs to solve in the transitional period of new and old.


Yang Ming:During the five-game winning streak, the opponents are not top teams, and the team’s status is still relatively large

Live it on October 28th CBA regular season 5th round, Liaoning defeated Tianjin 119-91, won the opening five straight. After the game, team coach Yang Ming attended the press conference and talked about the team’s performance. Regarding the team’s performance in this game, Yang Ming said:”This game was won on defense. The opponent’s overall shooting rate was very low, and (we) caused 20 turnovers. This is a defensive victory.


Yang Ming, the most handsome coach of CBA, looks like 20 years old but is already two dads, a true girl idol

Yang Ming is a celebrity who has become popular on the”Tik Tok” software in recent years, but Yang Ming is not a blogger who plays these video software, but a person who has become popular simply by virtue of his own appearance. I believe many people are I met Yang Ming on these video software. As a professional basketball player, Yang Ming is now a basketball coach. Because of the various videos on the court, he quickly became popular with his superior appearance. People who don’t touch basketball