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Yang Ying denied that she was”involved in” Li Fei’er, behind”She is not a junior”:Is Chen Weiting wronged?

On January 6, Yang Ying, known as the”big baby”, issued a statement on a social platform that she suspected”denying in the emotions of Huang Xiaoming and Li Fei’er”. He also confessed that the burden on his shoulders was too heavy, and he didn’t want to help others carry the pot. In addition, Yang Ying also said:”The cause and effect are so simple…Mr. Huang should be here to clarify.


Yang Ying and Carina Lau wear the same ethnic style cheongsam, one is like Mrs. Yazhai and the other is like Miss Rich.

Hello everyone, I am your candied haws baby, I update you every day with fun and interesting articles, if you like, follow me! The big beauty Yang Ying challenged the temperament beauty Carina Lau to wear the same ethnic style cheongsam. Two beauties competed for beauty, one looks like Mrs. Yazhai, and the other looks like Miss Rich. Next, let’s take a look at the two beauties in the same cheongsam with the little friends.


Yang Ying surfing repeatedly overturned? Twisted braids are not like a child’s mother, but the hairline is exposed when the sea breeze blows

In the video, Yang Ying is wearing a black tight-fitting surfing suit with two braids. She looks playful and cute. She is very young and does not look like a child’s mother. However, Yang Ying’s vlog did not find the figure of her husband Huang Xiaoming and his son Xiao Sponge, and only the staff were accompanied by them during the whole exercise.


Yang Ying is indeed a stunner in the world, her waist is looming, and her body is sexy and sultry.

On October 25, Angelababy Yang Ying appeared in a brand event. On that day, she wore a black sleeveless top with a black leather skirt.”Bundled” clothes made her pretty waist looming. Yang Ying has red lips and white teeth, and she exudes a sexy charm. Yang Ying is full of snow, and she is indeed a stunner in the world. Every time Yang Ying showed up, she felt amazing and this time was no exception.


Yang Ying’s outfits come with”goddess halo”, and various evening dresses are worn on the upper body, beautiful, immortal and luxurious

Yang Ying recently took photos with her girlfriends and did not take photos from the C position, so the goddess responded, “It’s casual to take photos with friends and don’t care where you stand.” In fact, baby is a very straightforward girl. My child, I believe I don’t care too much with my friends, it’s natural to feel comfortable, so baby has a lot of fans!


Yang Ying challenged the style of Qing palace dress for the first time. Do you think she is suitable for her foreign appearance in Qing palace dress?

Recently, the big beauty Yang Ying challenged the Qing palace costume for the first time. Yang Yingyi, who changed into the Qing palace costume, appeared very gentle, but after reading it, many netizens said that Yang Ying’s facial features are too three-dimensional, and she is a mixed-race Yang Ying. The appearance is too foreign, and it is easy for people to appear after dressing up in the Qing palace costume. It is not suitable for this classical style. It cannot interpret the charm and charm of the Qing palace costume!