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What is the “Master Teacher” mentioned in Xi Jinping’s “July 1” speech?

“The Chinese nation has a splendid civilization formed in the course of more than 5,000 years of historical evolution. The Communist Party of China has a century of hard work and more than 70 years of experience in governing and rejuvenating the country. We actively learn and draw on all the useful achievements of human civilization. We welcome all useful suggestions and well-intentioned criticisms, but We will never accept the preaching of the’teacher’! The Communist Party of China and the Chinese people will march forward on the path they choose, and firmly hold the destiny of China’s development and progress in their own hands!”


Take four golds! Yu Jie scored 99 points for the Chinese men’s weightlifting team

   Chinanews.com, Tokyo, July 31 (Bian Liqun) In the 81 kg men’s Olympic weightlifting competition held on the 31st, Chinese athlete Lv Xiaojun won the championship. Since then, all four Chinese men’s weightlifters have won gold! After the game, coach Yu Jie said that each team member was very good and showed their spirit of daring to fight, winning glory for the country and their training level. I am very happy that they all won the championship. I gave them 99 points and deducted one point. Afraid of them being proud. “


Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping: Follow the Red Footprints and Cultivate Heroes’ Righteousness

   Revolutionary Museum, Memorial Hall, Party History Museum, Martyrs’ Cemetery… These places where historical memories are engraved are the Party and the National Red Gene Bank. Every time General Secretary Xi Jinping visits the old revolutionary areas, he pays his respects to the historical monuments of the revolution. He wants to establish a good manner of advocating heroes and remembering the martyrs in the whole society, and he wants to warn all comrades in the party not to forget how the red regime came and the new How did China come, and how today’s happy life came, is to declare that the Communist Party of China will always hold high the red banner, firmly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and continue to advance the cause pioneered by its ancestors.