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Landmine explosion in Hodeidah, Yemen killed 3 civilians

News from Aden:Yemeni government army officials said on the 19th that a landmine explosion occurred in the Red Sea city of Hodeidah in Yemen that day, killing three civilians. The officer also said that the Houthi armed forces fired 4 rockets at a residential area in southern Hodeidah on the 19th, causing panic among residents.


The chaos in the Middle East adds fuel to the fire! Houthi commander-in-chief speaks to Saudi Arabia and will not be silent about destructive war

Reports from Yemen stated that the Yemeni government controlled by the Houthi, the Prime Minister of the Yemeni National Autonomous Government condemned the double standards of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the devastating war against Yemen, saying that “both regimes are destroying the Yemeni people. It also commemorates the deaths of millions of Jews during the German Nazi era.””The Saudis and the Naha’i family must first remember that they are killing their brothers in Yemen, not to commemorate the Jews killed by the Nazi forces,” said Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, Prime Minister of the Yemeni National Rescue Government. Said in the event celebrating the fourth anniversary of Sana’s birth in 2016. On October 18 of that year, 155 people were killed in an air strike led by Saudi Arabia and at least 525 were injured. It was a funeral air strike.


Yemen:Watermelon harvest season

Years of military conflicts and blockades have caused serious losses to the local watermelon cultivation industry. ↑On October 11, a child picked up a rotten watermelon in a melon field in Hajj Province, Yemen.


5 civilians injured by Houthi shelling in southern Saudi Arabia

Late on the night of the 19th local time, the Saudi National News Agency quoted Colonel Mohamed Gamidi, a spokesperson for the Civil Defense Department of Jizan Province in southern Saudi Arabia, saying that the artillery shells fired by the Houthis in Yemen that night fell into a place in Jizan Province. In the residential area, five civilians were injured and three civilian vehicles were damaged.