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The movie “Watching the Youth” was screened, telling the touching story of the reunion of old friends (teacher and student)

China News Service, Shenyang, September 8th (Han Hong) As Teacher’s Day is approaching, the film “Watching Youth”, jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and the Education Department of Liaoning Province, was recently held at the Shenyang Xingchen No. 9 Phantom Club. The film will show the connotation and value of youth, education, society, teachers, ideological and political courses and other growth motifs by telling the story of the reunion of old friends (teachers and students), bringing inner shock and resonance to the audience.


“Don’t Say Goodbye” highlights the card to pay tribute to the hero who walks alone in the dark night

   The anti-drug police shoulder the mission of purifying the society entrusted by the people. They always strive to protect the people’s safety with their lives, loyalty and responsibility. However, most of the anti-drug police have no name in life and death. We can’t know their names, but we can’t help but remember their dedication, learn and carry forward their spirit. Establishing statues of anti-narcotics heroes is a must for every age.


Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship: Chaoyang Youth Team becomes big winner

Group photo of participating players. Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee

   China News Service, Beijing, June 21. The reporter learned from the tournament organizing committee that the “China Sports Lottery Cup” 2021 Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championships ended on the 20th at the Beijing Country Golf Club. A total of 88 youth players, representing the six municipal districts of Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Fengtai, Haidian, Shunyi and Tongzhou, participated in the tournament.