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The special plan for the development of Zhangzhou iron and steel industry has begun the environmental assessment

According to the planning overview, the distribution of the steel industry in Zhangzhou is relatively concentrated, and three major industrial supporting concentrated areas have been initially formed, including:Xiangcheng Iron and Steel Industry Concentration Area, which gathers enterprises such as Sanbao Steel and Zhangzhou Minguang. The crude steel production capacity accounts for 80%of the city’s total.%, is the concentration area of ​​steel smelting capacity in Zhangzhou City;


Bank of Communications Zhangzhou branch illegal vice president fined for failing to report large transactions in accordance with regulations

China Economic Net, Beijing, August 11, the People’s Bank of China Zhangzhou Central Sub-branch announced yesterday that the administrative penalty information publicity form revealed that Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Branch failed to submit large-value transaction reports in accordance with regulations. Zhangzhou Branch was fined 250,000 yuan.