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Director Zheng Xiaolong: meritorious service moves people with truth

Beijing, October 25 (reporter Ma Haiyan) as of October 21, the first round of the TV series “meritorious service” ended, which was widely recognized by the leaders and the majority of the audience. Douban scored 9.1 points. Director Zheng Xiaolong breathed a sigh of relief. “Of course, there are some unsatisfactory aspects, but on the whole, it should be regarded as a qualified answer,” he said.


Zheng Xiaolong on Turandot: the origin of the curse: the biggest difficulty is breaking the wall

Beijing, September 29 (Xinhua) the film Turandot: the origin of the curse, which will meet with the national audience on October 15, is exposed today. From creative mentality, adaptation difficulty to shooting details, director Zheng Xiaolong, screenwriter Wang Xiaoping and leading stars Guan Xiaotong, Dylan spros, Hu Jun, snh48 Lin Siyi, Wang Jia, Zou Zhaolong, friendship starring Jiang Wen and other creative groups “opened wheat”, and more behind the scenes details were exposed for the first time.