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Practice in Beijing! Chinese women’s volleyball team sounded the trumpet for the Tokyo Olympics

The cold wave in Beijing is not over yet. The girls of the Chinese women’s volleyball team have assembled at the Training Bureau of the State Sports General Administration, and they have begun their preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which will be unveiled in July this year. how? Want to see but can’t go to the training bureau? Let the editor take you to the class with freshly released photos and videos! ↑Professional? Warm-up activities,”routine operations” before training. ↑ Zhu Ting you care about! These shoes are not bad.


Zhu Ting shortlisted in the FIVB Top 100 Stars

Reporter Xu Mingchen News:Among the top 100 stars of the past ten years officially announced by the FIVB, the Chinese women’s volleyball team leader Zhu Ting was successfully shortlisted. Prior to this, the Chinese women’s volleyball setter Ding Xia also successfully entered this list. In the past ten years, Zhu Ting has become a world volleyball superstar from a national youth player. She deserves her name as one of the top 100 players.


Zhu Ting was shortlisted for the top 100 players in the past decade

News from our newspaper (reporter Liang Bin) The FIVB announced on its official website yesterday that another player named Zhu Ting, the Chinese women’s volleyball team leader, was shortlisted for the top 100 stars of the past decade. The FIVB wrote an article specifically for Zhu Ting, praising her as”the beacon of the Chinese team.” The article wrote that Zhu Ting is working hard for her second Olympic gold medal and Olympic Most Valuable Player.


Li Yingying was elected as the best main attacker, causing controversy

On December 25th, Beijing time, the results of the selection of the best players in the Super League for the new season were announced. Zhu Ting had no suspense to win the most valuable player (MVP) title. Zhang Changning and Li Yingying were elected as the best main attackers. Gong Xiangyu received the best response. Diao Linyu pressed Ding Xia and Yao Di to win the honor of the best setter. The best free man was not for Ni Feihua, but Wang Mengjie. This position has been controversial and has caused discussion between two voices on the Internet!


Zhu Ting has won the Women’s Volleyball League’s Most Valuable Player again, with 15 personal MVP honors

The Paper by News Reporter Qi Dong’s Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League has come to an end-on the evening of the 24th, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced the most valuable player award for this season’s volleyball super league and the list of the best team. The Tianjin women’s volleyball team leader Zhu Ting did her part and won the MVP award, and the recently controversial Li Yingying was selected as the best main attacker, and Gong Xiangyu became the best responder. Zhu Ting is in the game.


Zhu Ting:”Second-year students” are very happy

Yao Di (left) and Zhu Ting took a group photo after winning the championship. Photo by Liu Xin The 2020-2021 season of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League has just ended. Tianjin Bohai Bank Women’s Volleyball Team successfully defended its title and won the 13th domestic league championship in team history. For the second consecutive season in Tianjin, Zhu Ting, the Chinese women’s volleyball team leader, also won two consecutive personal domestic league championships. She bluntly said that she gained growth in the second year of the Tianjin team and completed the phased tasks.


Zhu Ting:May everything be better in 2021

Xinhua News Agency, Jiangmen, Guangdong, December 18 (Reporters Wang Jingyu and Wang Haoming) After winning the 2020-2021 China Women’s Volleyball Super League Championship with the Tianjin team, Zhu Ting said:I hope everything will be better in 2021. Zhu Ting said:”This year’s league is over. It is not easy for the league in the year of the epidemic to go smoothly. Thank you for your hard work.