Man calls police and reads suicide note. Realistic version of “hold on call” saves lives in 36 minutes

China News Service, Nanjing, February 25 (Wang Yuanyuan, Xu Shanshan) The Nantong Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province announced on the 25th that the Public Security Bureau of Tongzhou District, Nantong City recently received a special call. A man read his suicide note when he called the police. The officer and the commander “held the conversation” for 36 consecutive minutes, constantly calming and stabilizing the man’s emotions, and with the cooperation of multiple parties, the man who committed suicide was eventually rescued.


Qinghai Taer Temple Artist Monk India-Ba Jiancuo: Spend a lifetime inheriting Tibetan fingertip skills

The picture shows India-Pakistan Jiancuo exhibiting thangka works. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

The picture shows the 30-meter-long large mural “The Life of Sakyamuni” painted by India-Pakistan Jiancuo for the Shakyamuni Buddha Hall in Taer Monastery. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

The picture shows the painting of thangka by the disciple of Jiancuo of India and Pakistan. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

The picture shows India-Pakistan Jiancuo exhibiting thangka works. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

The picture shows India-Pakistan Jiancuo showing the mineral pigments required for the creation of thangka and murals. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

   On February 25th, a reporter from visited the Taer Monastery in Qinghai, the holy place of Tibetan Buddhism, and felt the forty years of inheritance of the Tibetan art of the Taer Monastery by the “intangible heritage” inheritor India and Pakistan Jiancuo. The Taer Monastery in Qinghai is named after the tower was built first and then the temple was built. It is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The famous plateau flower “Ghee Flower” in this temple is similar to the colorful murals and three-dimensional Piling embroidery is collectively referred to as the “Three Wonders of Art”. India-Pakistan Jiancuo first studied Buddhist scriptures at the Kalachakra Temple in Ta’er Temple, and was later selected as an art monk for making “ghee flowers” in the upper flower courtyard of Ta’er Temple. He hopes to pass on his fingertip skills to more apprentices in the production of Caifen Kalachakra Mandala. (Finish)


Shaanxi Hukou Scenic Area Launches “Lovely Lantern Festival Spring Tour Hukou” Festival Tour

Tourists watched in front of the waterfall.  Lanhua

The roaring Hukou Waterfall.  Lanhua

The staff delivered hot glutinous rice balls to tourists.  Lanhua

The Sichuan Opera “Changing Face” interacts with tourists on site.  Lanhua

   is approaching the Lantern Festival. In order to enrich the tourist experience of tourists, from February 24th to 26th, the Hukou Scenic Spot in Shaanxi will launch the “Love Lantern Festival Spring Tour Hukou” festival tour activity. Activities include guessing lantern riddles, tasting glutinous rice balls, visiting beautiful scenery and wonderful performances, etc. While visitors watch the magnificent scenery of Hukou Waterfall, they will also send festive warmth.


Make dumplings, learn calligraphy, Chinese and foreign friends celebrate the Lantern Festival in Chengdu

The calligraphy teacher teaches foreign friends to learn calligraphy. Anyuan photo

Chinese and foreign friends vote for the photos. Anyuan photo

Group photo of Chinese and foreign friends. Anyuan photo

The foreigners are learning to make dumplings. Anyuan photo

Show the wrapped Lantern Festival. Anyuan photo

   On February 25, the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of Jinjiang District Bureau of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, Shahe Police Station, and Huiquan Road Community, Shahe Street, jointly organized the “Love Chengdu, Welcome Universiade” Chinese and foreign friends to celebrate the 2021 Lantern Festival. Let foreign friends in Chengdu fully experience the strong atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. Foreign friends learn calligraphy from calligraphy masters in the activities, and follow the community to make glutinous rice balls and dumplings, and experience traditional Chinese folk customs. A strong Chinese New Year flavor, experience the profoundness of Chinese culture, and better understand Chinese folk culture.