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Hardcore action blockbuster “Ultimate Code” will be released nationwide on July 16

   China News Service, Guangzhou, July 15 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The “2021 Guangdong Excellent Film Viewing Promotion Conference “Ultimate Code”” organized by the Guangdong Film Bureau was held on the 15th at the Guangzhou Tower Sky Cinema. Directed and starring by the new director Wu Zhiting, this hard-core action blockbuster with new-generation powerful actor Meng Lu, action actor Zhang Jiarong and other international action actor David Bell and Wolfson will be available nationwide on July 16. All major theaters are released.


Break dancing has become an official event of the Olympic Games, the formation of the national team has begun talent selection

CCTV News:Along with skateboarding, rock climbing, and surfing, break dancing has become an official event of the Olympic Games. When Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, announced this decision a few days ago, it really caused quite a stir. When it comes to breakdancing, friends over forty years old must be particularly impressed.


The Indian girl has been training her hips and legs for 8 years and has gained a”gourd-shaped” figure, which is really enviable

Everyone knows that Asian girls are petite and weak, with flat figures, while Europeans and Americans have plump and plump figures, with a bulging front and back. Today, the Indian girl Xiao Mi introduced, she insisted on training her hips and legs for 8 years, breaking through the traditional figure of Asians, gaining the figure of European and American people, and she is fit and stylish.