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Afghan political commentator: the United States pushed Ukraine to the brink of destruction

Afghan political commentators said in an interview with the reporter of China Central Radio and television on the 17th that during the 20 years of the U.S. military in Afghanistan, the Afghan people have suffered from war and are deeply in a humanitarian crisis. This time, the United States provoked the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and provided Ukraine with a large number of weapons and equipment, which will only push Ukraine to the brink of destruction.    


Pakistan airstrikes two provinces in southeastern Afghanistan, Afghan interim government:Protest

On the 16th local time, the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Afghan interim government announced through social media that the Afghan interim government summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan on the same day. Pakistan protested against the air strikes on two provinces in southeastern Afghanistan the day before. Acting foreign minister motac of the interim government of Afghanistan and Acting Deputy Minister of defense Haji ahonde jointly summoned the ambassador of Pakistan.


New diffuse comment: America, what do you take to “save” them?

The United States has always pursued hegemonism, unilateralism and interventionism, frequently used force, resulting in a large number of civilian casualties, challenged justice with power, trampled on justice with self-interest, and wantonly violated the human rights of other countries.


Chinese businessmen in Afghanistan:it is difficult to do pine nut business when they”meet the Taliban on a narrow road” when collecting pine nuts

Last August, the situation in Afghanistan turned upside down. The vast majority of Chinese people have left with the special plane for evacuating overseas Chinese, leaving only single digits. Many Chinese businessmen and researchers in Afghanistan told Phoenix Weekly that the Taliban government is very grateful to the Chinese businessmen left behind in the chaos and has a very positive attitude towards Chinese projects. However, due to the current severe economic and financial crisis in Afghanistan and the loss of purchasing power after the withdrawal of western countries, to what extent can the new government help the development of China Afghanistan economic and trade relations, Still unknown.


Iranian Foreign Minister: the United States must be responsible for the suffering of Afghanistan in the past 20 years

Beijing, October 29 (Xinhua) the second foreign ministers’ meeting of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries opened on 27. According to the Iranian state news agency, the Iranian foreign minister said on the Afghan issue that he supported the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. He also said that the United States must bear responsibility for the suffering of Afghans in the past 20 years.


Russian Foreign Minister: it will be difficult for Afghanistan to return to the international stage, but it can be achieved

Beijing, October 28 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, on the 27th local time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Afghanistan has returned to the international stage and is facing challenges such as drugs and terrorist organizations. However, he believes that this task can be achieved and calls on all parties to provide financial, economic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.