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U.S. media revealed that the U.S. military killed 10 Afghan civilians: the bucket was used as an explosive

China News Service, September 14th. According to comprehensive US media reports, at the end of August, the US military deployed drones to strike at the Afghan capital Kabul against members of the Islamic State branch of the extremist organization. The target was mistakenly targeted as an Afghan rescuer working for a U.S. NGO, not a terrorist, resulting in the deaths of 10 civilians.


The U.S. Central Bank of Azerbaijan is frozen? Taliban said it will take action to thaw the United States

   Chinanews, September 14 According to Russian satellite network, Afghan Taliban spokesman Sohail Shahin said on the 13th that the new Afghan government will take all possible legal steps to lift the US freeze on the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. Earlier, US media reported that the US has frozen US$9.5 billion in assets belonging to the Central Bank of Afghanistan.


“September 11” 20 years, US experts: Only by solving the poverty problem can we eradicate the cancer of terrorism

Chinanews.com, September 11th. The US Overseas Chinese News reported that with the end of the US military presence in Afghanistan, the Biden administration will shift its strategic focus in the future, the development of US-China relations, and the possible cooperation between the two countries in resolving the Afghan issue. Has gradually become the new focus of attention of all parties. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Overseas Chinese Daily interviewed William C. Jones, director of the Washington Office of Global Strategic Information of the United States.


U.S. Secretary of State says Taliban needs to win legitimacy, Ghani will speak out on departure

   China News Service, September 9th. According to a comprehensive report, the Afghanistan Taliban recently announced the formation of an interim government. US Secretary of State Blinken said on the 8th that the Taliban must win legitimacy from the world. The Taliban asked the United States to provide frozen assets in Afghanistan and called on civil servants of the Ghani government to return home.


Atta’s Provisional Government Focuses on “Peace and Prosperity” White House: The United States is in no hurry to recognize

   Chinanews, September 8th. According to a comprehensive report, on September 7, local time, the Afghan Taliban announced the formation of an interim government and announced a list of some government officials. The White House stated that it is “in no rush” to recognize the Afghan government announced by the Taliban, and that U.S. recognition will “depend on” the actions of the Taliban.