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Maradona’s death, Aguero’s indifference provokes public anger! Ma’s special move shows that he did not forgive the former son-in-law, and Akun never surpassed Messi in his heart.

After the death of King Maradona, the entire world sports are in grief. Everyone deeply cherishes the memory of the lost King, and various mourning activities have been ongoing. However, compared with the soulful and bloody eulogy of other stars, Maradona’s ex-son-in-law Aguero looked a bit”cold”. He posted a photo of himself with Lao on social media and wrote,” We will never forget you, you will always be with us!”


Aguero held the female referee’s shoulders to cause controversy,”Why was he not sent off?”

In 2012, in the same match between Manchester City and Arsenal, Vermaelen “taken the opportunity to hug” Marcy because he rushed out of the sideline, which also caused a lot of heated discussion at that time. Many people criticized Aguero’s “salted pig hand” behavior, believing that it was a disrespect for referees and women. Some netizens said:”If it were a male referee, he might not do it.”


Aguero posted a video on social media and has returned to the stadium for ball training

Recently, Manchester City striker Aguero, who has made great efforts in the field of game live broadcast, posted a video on social media, and he has stepped on the turf and started training with the ball. After the end of last season, Aguero underwent knee surgery. Judging from the training video, Aguero is in good physical condition, and the”Manchester Evening News” also stated that Aguero is expected to adjust his body to a state of preparation before the start of the new season.