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How much does the United States hate the number one international whistleblower? Either extradited to death, or forced him to commit suicide

According to British media reports recently, a British judge ruled that Assange, the founder of Wikimedia Commons, currently detained in the UK, should not be extradited to the United States to face criminal charges. The judge’s reasoning is that Assange faces a high risk of suicide. Assange’s supporters pointed out that the U.S. government hates Assange extremely and openly threatened to extradite him to death after returning to China, or force him to commit suicide.


Assange’s extradition hearing restarts in London, UK

After several months of suspension due to the implementation of epidemic control in the United Kingdom, Assange’s extradition hearing was restarted in the London court on the 7th local time. On the same day, Assange officially rejected the extradition request issued by the United States in June.


Today​ the news that the world is reading

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg met with German Chancellor Merkel on the 27th and attended the EU Defense Ministers Meeting in Berlin. Stoltenberg said that NATO is closely following developments in Belarus and emphasized NATO’s support for the people of Belarus.