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The U.S. election “safe harbor period” has come. There is little hope for Trump to change the result?

   Chinanews, December 9th. According to comprehensive US media reports, on December 8, local time, the “safe harbor period” for the US general election has arrived. After this day, any certified election results will be free from further legal disputes. So far, most states have completed the certification of the election results, and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden is expected to win the election. The US media pointed out that “the window for US President Trump to subvert the election results is closing.”


SpaceX manned space system obtains NASA certification

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on Tuesday that SpaceX’s”Crew Dragon” and”Falcon 9″ rockets have been certified for manned spaceflight. This is the agency since the US government nearly 40 years ago. For the first time since the space shuttle program, the United States has been certified for a manned spacecraft in the United States, and it is also the first time in history that a commercial manned space system has been certified.


ASUS Lingyao X-series thin and light notebooks are released first:four”Wulin” models of high mobile phones arrive

Today Intel officially released the 11th-generation Core mobile processors. These new processors code-named Tiger Lake are produced using a greatly enhanced 10nm SuperFIN process. Compared with the previous generation Ice Lake series processors, they have better frequency performance. . ASUS has released four high-end lightweight and thin products for the first time, all of which belong to the Lingyao X series, each with its own characteristics.