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Naka issue talks will be held in Moscow, Russia, Asia and Afghanistan will participate

China News Service, February 26. According to the Russian Satellite Network, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk stated that Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia’s tripartite meeting on the Naka issue at the deputy prime minister level is planned to be held on February 27. Held in Moscow, all parties have confirmed that they will participate in the talks.


Turkey: Russia and Turkey continue to establish a ceasefire joint monitoring center in the Naka region

   Chinanews, December 21. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 20th, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that in accordance with the memorandum signed by Turkey and Russia, measures are being taken to continue the construction of the Turkish-Russian joint monitoring center in the Naka region. The statement stated that the Turkish side is coordinating with Azerbaijan and Russia.


Is the peacekeeping force just a cover? A large number of Naka civilians died tragically under the guns of the”Russian Army”.

Russian peacekeeping forces moved into Nakano recently, helping the Armenians to leave the Naka area while searching for some missing persons. Rumors claimed that the Russian peacekeeping force was just a cover, and that a large number of Naka civilians died tragically under Russian guns. The Kremlin was furious after hearing it and demanded an immediate investigation.


Azerbaijan searched for trophies, and a large number of tanks and heavy artillery were shipped back to the country.

According to reports, although Armenia is inferior to Azerbaijan in terms of national strength and less population than Azerbaijan, the military power gap between the two countries is not that large. For many years Armenia has been importing various weapons and equipment from Russia, forming a relatively complete land and air equipment system. However, after the war, Armenia did not seize the opportunity to completely mobilize its forces, making the gap in the front-line troops never filled. In addition, the Armenian military’s command also made the outside world disgraced. The human-machine force had no way but to watch the Turkish drones rampage freely on the battlefield. Numerous Armenian soldiers died under the drones, which seriously affected the morale of the Armenian army.