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Withdrawing from Afghanistan and ending the combat mission in Iraq, will the United States bid farewell to the long overseas war?

   China News Service, July 27th. According to a comprehensive report, after the United States began withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, US President Biden announced on the 26th that his combat mission in Iraq would end by the end of the year, but did not mention the issue of the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. According to the analysis, despite this, the two decisions involving Afghanistan and Iraq still show that the Biden administration is working hard to shift the focus of US foreign policy over the past 20 years. With the withdrawal of the last batch of US troops from Afghanistan at the end of August, Biden will completely end the two longest overseas wars in history that began under former US President Bush in a few months.


U.S. judge asks Dream Health plan to stop accepting new applications Biden: disappointed

China News Service, July 18th. According to a report by the Chinese website of the United States, a federal judge in Texas issued a ruling on the 16th, demanding that the federal government stop accepting the “Deferred Repatriation Program for Childhood Arrivals in the United States” (DACA, also known as “Dreamer”). Plan)’s new application, on the grounds that the project lacks a legal basis. US President Biden condemned the decision on the 17th, calling the ruling “deeply disappointing” and saying that the Justice Department plans to appeal.


Merkel’s visit to the United States: “friendly atmosphere” can hardly conceal key differences

   China News Agency, Washington, July 15 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) US President Biden met with visiting German Chancellor Merkel at the White House on the 15th. After the meeting, the two parties announced that the United States and Germany will start new cooperation on climate change and energy transition, but their differences on key issues such as the “Beixi-2” project remain.


The collapse of a residential building in Florida has caused 18 deaths and 145 lost contact. Biden inspects the area

China News Service, San Francisco, July 1, according to US media reports, as of July 1, US Eastern Time, on June 24, a partial collapse of a residential building in Surfside Town, Miami-Dade County, Florida has caused 18 People died and 145 lost contact. US President Biden visited the local area on the 1st and met with the victim’s family, local officials and rescuers.


145 people missing due to building collapse in Florida: search and rescue restarted, Biden visits victims’ families

   Chinanews, July 2nd. According to comprehensive US media reports, on the evening of July 1, local time, officials in Surfside, Florida, said that the local search and rescue operation of the collapsed apartment building had resumed after a one-day suspension. The accident has caused 18 deaths and 145 people are still missing. On the same day, US President Biden went to the scene of the accident and met with the families of the victims.


Building collapse in Florida has killed 18 people, Biden will go to the scene on the 1st

China News Service, July 1st, a comprehensive report. On the afternoon of June 30, local time, officials from Miami-Dade County, Florida, stated at a press conference that the state’s recent partial collapse of a residential building has caused 18 people. death. At present, the search and rescue work has entered its seventh day, but the progress of the rescue is slow, and the deterioration of the weather may also affect the search and rescue operations. US President Biden supports a thorough investigation of the accident, and he will go to the scene of the collapse on the 1st.