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American media:in less than a year and a half, he dragged the United States back to the 1970s

Reference News Network reported on July 31 that on July 28, the website of the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled”the arrival of Biden stagflation”. The full text is excerpted as follows:call it recession, stagflation, economic slowdown, temporary deviation, or even Ethel or Fred – no matter what you call it, the U.S. economy described in the second quarter GDP report of the United States released on Thursday is struggling.


China and the United States talked for two hours, and the United States came to Russia again. Russia:we are very busy, and we will talk about it when we are free

According to today’s Russia report on the 28th, Chinese leaders completed the fifth call between the leaders at the invitation of US President Biden on the evening of the 28th. During the dialogue, they exchanged views on bilateral relations and sensitive issues. China also issued a severe warning to the United States on the Taiwan issue.


The two heads of state had in-depth communication and exchanges on China US relations and issues of mutual concern.


Can China pay a heavy price if the United States threatens? Russia was the first to express disbelief

U.S. State Department spokesman price recently named China and threatened that if China provided arms and equipment to Russia or helped Russia avoid sanctions, the United States would work with its Western allies to make China pay a”heavy price”. As for the threat posed by the United States to China, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson zaharova later expressed doubts. She wrote on social media:does the United States want to force China to pay a huge price?


U.S. President Joe Biden extended his condolences on President Biden’s infection with novel coronavirus.


Biden ,就Biden 总统感染新冠病毒致以慰问。 Source:Xinhua News Agency


ten thousand and eighty-sixXinhua News AgencyBeijing, July 22 Biden ,就Biden 总统感染新冠病毒致以慰问。 来源丨Xinhua News Agency ten thousand and eighty-seven Supervisor:ou can, Zhang Xiaohui Editor:Liu Jianwei, Yan […]