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The US withdrawal from Afghanistan marks a new era of US foreign intervention strategy?

   Chinanews, May 3, According to a report by Peninsula Chinese, the US military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq prompted the country to step into the Middle East swamp in a voluntary manner, and US interests were harmed as a result. US President Biden’s decision to complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before September 11 indicates a new strategic direction. The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, where there has never been “huge American interests”, will have “huge strategic interests.” Biden believes that the threats and challenges of 2021 are completely different from those of 2001. The United States needs to concentrate its energy and resources to deal with more severe challenges.


Families applying for asylum at the U.S. border are allowed to enter for the first time since the epidemic

Chinanews.com, May 1st. According to the US Chinese website, the US media “The Wall Street Journal” cited information from people familiar with the matter and government data as saying that for the first time since the outbreak of the new crown, the US government has allowed some undocumented immigrants seeking asylum Families enter the United States through legal border crossings.


Biden visits Georgia for 100 days in office to meet with former President Carter

China News Agency, Houston, April 30th. On the 29th, U.S. President Biden and his first lady Jill Biden visited Georgia on the 100th day of taking office to publicize his plan to rebuild the U.S. economy. Thanks to voters in that state for the 2020 U.S. election. China’s support for the Democratic Party has helped the Democrats regain control of the Senate. The US media said that Georgia may once again become a key political battlefield on this economic issue.


Trump criticizes Biden for “undermining the United States” and confirms that he will run for president again

China News Service, April 30. According to a report by the US Chinese website, on the 29th local time, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, former US President Trump criticized the current President Biden’s policies and continued to participate in 2024. Choose to create momentum. He also revealed that the current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may become his running mate.


Biden announced that fully vaccinated people can wear masks outdoors, but he does this?

   China News Service, April 28. According to a comprehensive report, on the 27th local time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the latest guidelines stating that people who are fully vaccinated against the new crown may not wear masks in some outdoor places. On the same day, US President Biden also announced this regulation and called on those who have not yet been vaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible. However, the reporter found that Biden was still wearing a mask outdoors, and he responded to this.


Biden visits Europe in June British media: seeking to restore transatlantic relations

   Chinanews, April 25. According to the British Financial Times, US President Biden will visit Britain and Belgium in June. This will be his first overseas visit after taking office. “Financial Times” stated that Biden’s visit was seeking to restore transatlantic relations that had cooled down during the administration of former U.S. President Trump.


In addition to accusing “genocide”, the United States also refused to deliver F-35 fighters to Turkey

   China News Service, April 25. According to Al Jazeera’s Chinese website, the two recent moves by US President Biden have “angered” Turkey and fueled the tense relations between the two countries. One is Biden’s announcement that the United States believes that the Ottoman Empire carried out “genocide” on the Armenians during the events of 1915, and the other is that the United States excluded Turkey from its plan to deliver advanced F-35 fighters.