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If there is an advanced civilization in the universe and it has lived for 1 billion years, how terrible will it be?

The universe is very old, with a history of more than 10 billion years. At the same time, after an accelerated expansion process, the diameter of the current observable universe has reached 93 billion light-years. In terms of time and space, the existence of the universe except for human beings The biological civilization outside is almost an inevitable result.


There is no need to wait 5 billion years to predict the 10 major disasters in the future of the earth

When the earth held human beings on her belly, she was constantly experiencing earth-shaking changes and transformations. We can take responsibility, and at the same time, we are more considering increasing human activities, because we can shift the responsibility to the sun or cosmic events. This is a contradiction that has always been unpredictable. To be sure, the future of the earth will be full of chaos. The following are predictions of 10 key events that the planet will experience in the next billions of years.


Is prehistoric civilization real? Experts have discovered 250 million years of”chips”, the earth civilization has been repeating?

The time human has evolved until now, the entire civilization is only tens of thousands of years. In this short period of time, humans have created such brilliant achievements. After the emergence of humans, they have been studying other civilizations. The existence of prehistoric civilizations has always been a mystery. Some people firmly believe that there were other civilizations before human beings appeared. The advancement of science and technology has allowed people to discover many unknown creatures. These things seem to point to the existence of prehistoric civilization.


Human ancestors did not come from Africa, Songshan can testify

Chinese academic circles have also begun to say that ancient Chinese humans originated from Africa. The American Science Magazine once pointed out that the”Xuchang people” living at the Lingjing site in Xuchang, Henan, China may be descendants of ancient Chinese and European humans.