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The 2020 national “medical insurance bill” is released! These numbers are of concern

   Chinanews client, Beijing, June 9th (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, the National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the “Statistical Bulletin on the Development of National Medical Insurance in 2020.” Statistics show that the total income of the national basic medical insurance fund in 2020 will increase by 1.7% over the previous year. Affected by the epidemic, the number of medical visits in 2020 has decreased year-on-year, and the number of people participating in employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance has declined.


Chengdu’s economic report card for the first October was released, and foreign trade increased by 24.5%year-on-year

Today, the Red Star News reporter learned from the Chengdu Bureau of Statistics that the economic performance of Chengdu from January to October this year has been released. In terms of industrial production, in the first 10 months, the value-added of industries above designated size in Chengdu increased by 4.1%year-on-year, 2.3%and 0.4%higher than the national and provincial growth rates, and 0.6%higher than the previous three quarters. Divided into light and heavy industries, light industry grew by 2.2%; heavy industry grew by 5.2%.


Bull Group has earned 7.7 billion in five years and distributed 5.4 billion in dividends. Nguyen Brothers has over 100 billion in equity in 25 years

● Changjiang Business Daily reporter Ming Hongze’s small socket has made a big business and brought huge wealth to the founders of the Nguyen Brothers. Twenty-five years ago, Ruan Liping and Ruan Xueping in Zhejiang started their own businesses, making sockets. 25 years later, the bull socket has been sold all over the world. In February of this year, Bull Group (603195.SH), whose core product is Bull Socket, successfully landed on the A-share market. In the nine months since its listing, Bull Group has performed strongly in the secondary market.


Time Point (1112):The last person contributed 498.2 billion to Tmall Double Eleven

Author:Blue sparkle Financial Times Editor:Gu Honghui [Lynx 11 double turnover exceeded 498.2 billion yuan] November 11, Alibaba data show that at 0:00 on November 1 to November 11 23:59,2020 Lynx double The final transaction volume of the 11″Global Carnival Season” was 498.2 billion yuan. As of 23:00 on the 11th, double 11 real-time logistics orders exceeded 22.


Northbound funds sold 4.1 billion yuan in net and fled from pharmaceutical manufacturing. These stocks were bucked by the market and increased their positions (list)

On November 10, the three major A-share indexes closed down collectively, among which the Shenzhen Component Index and the ChiNext Index both fell by more than 1%. The trading volume of the two cities shrank slightly, with a total turnover of 981.2 billion yuan. Northbound funds also broke the situation of crazy net buying for 6 consecutive days. According to the 21 Investment Link Intelligent Monitoring, on November 10, the northbound funds sold 4.11 billion yuan, of which 2.144 billion yuan was bought for Shanghai Stock Connect and 6.254 billion yuan was sold for Shenzhen Stock Connect.


The total investment is 46.19 billion yuan! Major industrial projects in Chengdu start construction in the fourth quarter of 2020

[Total investment is 46.19 billion yuan! Chengdu’s major industrial projects in the fourth quarter of 2020 will be started in a concentrated manner] We all know that on the afternoon of November 6, the major industrial projects in Chengdu in the fourth quarter of 2020 will be held at the Chongzhou Electronic Information Industrial Park project site. This time, 53 major industrial projects including the Chongzhou Electronic Information Industrial Park in Chengdu have been intensively started, with a total investment of 461.


52 stocks hit a record high

The Shanghai stock index rose 0.19%today, and the closing price of 52 shares hit a record high. Among today’s tradable A-shares, 1403 shares have risen, accounting for 34.68%, and 2,482 have fallen, accounting for 61.34%. Among them, there are 40 stocks with daily limit and 5 stocks with down limit.