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Guosen Securities’ half-year revenue of 8 billion, net profit is again dragged down by equity pledge

The semi-annual report disclosure is coming to an end. Guosen Securities released its results on the evening of the 24th. The company’s revenue and net profit attributable to the parent are temporarily ranked third in the industry. Benefiting from the phased effects of the capital market reform, Guosen Securities’ investment banking business revenue increased the most year-on-year at 27.46%, and the profit margin increased by 15.41 percentage points year-on-year.


Heilongjiang’s richest man lost the game:700 million shares were frozen, 30 million shares were auctioned, and Liu Qiangdong was dragged down

On July 10, Harbin Yuheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received the”Notification Letter” from the controlling shareholder Harbin Yuheng Group entering the bankruptcy process. Yuheng Group and its actual controller, Zhu Jiman, the former richest man in Heilongjiang, etc., were cumulatively blocked by waiting for protection Shares of 706 million shares accounted for 32.18%of the total share capital of listed companies, of which 36.346 million shares will be judicially auctioned on July 16.


Focus on next week丨The GDP in the second quarter will be announced, these investment opportunities are the most reliable

CITIC Securities predicts that the economy in the second half of the second quarter has gradually shifted from recovery to recovery after the epidemic to a cyclical upward trend. June is expected to be an important watershed in economic fundamental data. The possibility of the economy exceeding expectations is high. Comprehensive judgment The GDP growth rate in the second quarter is expected to be 3.5%-4%.