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This fall is a popular way to wear:”short on top and long on bottom”, looks thin, tall and fashionable, and suitable for small people.

In terms of seasons, in fact, it has already entered the early autumn season, and many fashionistas have already prepared the clothes to wear in autumn. A popular way to wear this fall:”short on the top and long on the bottom”, which is tall and thin, and also very fashionable. Small people can easily control it, showing a sense of sight with long legs.


Foreign media: How does the heat wave affect people’s health when the hot weather hits?

   China News Service, August 2 According to a report from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it is currently in the northern hemisphere’s high-temperature summer season, and special attention should be paid to heatstroke prevention and sun protection. So, how does hot weather affect people’s bodies? What knowledge and information do people need to know in order to cope with wave after wave of heat waves?


Jiang Xin”Photo Beautiful Pictures”

The big skeleton, the slightly larger face, and the carefree temperament look lovely. However, it is her tight dress that highlights her figure, which is absolutely curvaceous.


“Exclusive Boutique” Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd (glutinous rice) beach style

Everyone kindly called her”Nuomi” or”Routie”. It is a wonderful story from an ordinary girl to a legendary girl. Many supermodels were discovered and cultivated by scouts, thus embarking on the road of supermodels. From the city to the stage of Paris, the European fashion center, this triple jump is something many people would not even dare to think about, and Ronmee did it easily.


Which day you live is destined

, Which means that I have a lot more demands on the world than I do now. If we are used to what we think of as”how and how”, for example, if you are obviously tired, you still say:”No, you can’t miss the yoga class today, otherwise my muscles will stiffen…”


Is it a sin to be too sexy? The female doctor publicly took photos of her body and was fired! Netizens are noisy

Reprinted from:Official Account:Fitness Bar Network ID:jianshen8com It seems that everyone wants to have a good body. In everyone’s perception, a sexy body can give you a lot of points in all aspects. However, sometimes the figure is too good and sexy is not a problem. Recently, a Burmese female doctor was revoked her doctor’s license for posting a sexy body photo on social media!