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Little S takes three daughters to shoot magazines, and wears a LV dress with a sense of autumn clothes, four noses are like copy and paste

Recently, Xiao S took three daughters to a certain magazine. All four of them wore LV items, but maybe it was a material problem. Netizens said that this is exactly like the bottoming shirt we wear in autumn and winter, but look at the face. The longer the three daughters are, the more advanced they are. The most amazing thing is that the noses of the three daughters are exactly the same as those of Xiao S, which are just copy and paste.


Liu Wen’s live broadcast of the real scenery, wearing cropped clothing, walks the show with 116 legs to steal the spotlight, and turns Wei Ya into a dwarf

The top has a very important position in women’s clothing, especially after the appearance of the navel dress, its status has reached an unshakable state. Today’s navel dress is a hand-made one, which is deeply loved by everyone. The outfits are rich in styles. Not only can the utilization of single items be greatly improved through matching, but also the perfect body proportions of the rider can be shown through wear and match. With long legs, it can be called an artifact of height. No matter the height, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


“Because of my appearance, I have never been liked by anyone”

“Don’t wear shorts if you have such thick legs.””How can a girl be as dark as you?””Your height is of the wrong sex, right?””Your belly is protruding, so you can lose weight soon.” Once these voices begin to appear, it seems Then we will continue to”cut” ourselves to cater to the similar aesthetic vision, but the similarity has never been the aesthetic vision, but the neat and superficial vision of some people.