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Once a war breaks out between China and the United States in the South China Sea, what is the conventional weapon that the U.S. military poses the greatest threat to China?

The game between China and the United States is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is moving towards a white hot stage. Because the United States unilaterally adopts a variety of suppression measures to curb China’s rise, the Sino US relations have fallen all the way, almost reaching the lowest point in history. Around the waters around China, the United States has been making waves. For a while, it has gathered a group of little brothers to conduct joint military exercises here, and for a while, it has come to conduct the so-called”freedom of navigation” operation.


The Russian Ukrainian war entered a white heat, and the second bomber was dispatched. Only the”white swan” did not appear

On April 23 local time, Russia’s special military action against Ukraine continued. On the same day, the Russian army launched several cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea and hit Odessa, an important town in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian army organized a counterattack and successfully intercepted two missiles, but four of them became”fish in the net”.


On the Mariupol battlefield, Russian troops dispatched weapons that Ukraine had destroyed

The situation on the Mariupol battlefield has reached the last minute. The Russian army asked Ukrainian armed personnel to lay down their arms and surrender immediately, while Kiev asked to refuse to surrender. It is reported that the Russian army not only used tu-22m3″counter fire” bombers this time, but also threw more powerful weapons such as ground penetrating bombs, which will cause greater damage to the bunkers and underground fortifications of the steel plant.


Figure 22 dropping several tons of aerial bombs and leaving no living space for the Asian speed camp, Zelinski may end the peace talks

Figure 22 supersonic bomber is essentially different from figure 22m3 supersonic bomber. Although figure 22m3 is a later improved model, it is equivalent to a newly designed supersonic strategic bomber. This aircraft adopts the same variable swept wing layout as figure 160. According to the design of the Soviet Union, this aircraft can complete both strategic nuclear bombing and tactical bombing. Now, after carrying hypersonic missiles, It can also better complete the formation attack against enemy aircraft carriers. It is understood that figure 22m3 strategic bombers have been discontinued as early as 1993. At present, more than 100 strategic bombers are still in service in the Russian army. Today, figure 22m3 strategic bombers have also made a high-profile appearance in the Russian Ukrainian conflict. However, figure 22m3 strategic bombers do not use weapons outside the defense area, but fly directly over the target for aerial bombing, Russia dares to make such military action because it has obtained absolute air control.


Zelinski sought the hammer and got the hammer. Russian type III bombers stormed the subspeed steel plant. The result is no longer in suspense

When the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is approaching two months, the military action of the Russian army has focused on Mariupol to clear and suppress the Azov battalion. As Ukraine has launched continuous attacks on the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet and Russia, Russia has been completely red eyed. Today’s military action in Mariupol has become more generous, especially against the Azov steel plant, According to media reports, at present, Zelensky has been able to get the hammer. Russia has sent out a group of three main bombers to attack the Asian speed steel plant, including figure 22m3 strategic bombers, Su 24 front-line bombers and Su 34 fighter bombers. The dispatch of these three main Russian bombers will also make the result of this military operation no suspense.