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The Russian Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber successfully flew for the first time after being replaced with a new engine

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, November 3-The Russian Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber successfully carried out its first flight after being replaced with a new engine on the 3rd. According to the announcement issued by the Russian United Aviation Manufacturing Group Corporation on the 3rd, the Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber completed its first flight at Kazan Airport that day after being replaced with the new NK-32-02 engine.


Two U.S. B1-B supersonic bombers flew through the waters southeast of Taiwan

Coincidentally, global aviation and military fans are very concerned. The official Twitter of”Aircraft Watch”, which specializes in tracking the maneuvering of the global military, posted a route map late last night and pointed out that two B1-B bombers belonging to the US Air Force flew past. Waters southeast of Taiwan.”Airplane Watch” posted a route map on Twitter and pointed out that there are two B-1B Lancer bombers numbered HUGE01 and 02, which departed from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, U.S., and passed through southeast Taiwan via the route shown in the picture. Sea area, flying to the South China Sea, and there is a KC-135R on the way to provide supplies.


What is the intention? Taiwan media said that two US military B-1B strategic bombers are now in the southeastern waters of Taiwan. The Taiwan military responded

Source:World Wide Web [Global Network Report] According to Taiwan media and the social media”Aircraft Spots” that records the dynamics of military aircraft, two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer strategic bombers flew towards the southeast waters of Taiwan and were operated The aerial tanker replenishes fuel. Taiwan media mentioned that the two bombers were spotted in the relevant waters today (25th).


The US military’s three major nuclear bombing operations have sounded alarms in Europe and Asia. Experts:set a very bad example

The U.S. Air Force is equipped with three strategic nuclear bombers, which are an important part of the U.S. Trinity’s nuclear strike force. According to statistics from the Global Defense Observatory, the U.S. Air Force has 76 B-52Hs, 62 B-1Bs, and 20 Bs. -2A. On September 21st, the three major US nuclear bombers conducted a joint deterrence cruise operation in Europe and Asia, and the alarm sounded again.


The U.S. B1B strategic bomber invaded Russia’s inland waters, Su 35 rushed into the air, fancy intercepting U.S. aircraft

Highlights of this issue:After the US military sent B52 strategic bombers to provoke Russia, it sent B1B supersonic bombers to continue the provocation, repeatedly infringing on Russian airspace, and will suffer fierce counterattacks. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on September 16, the US Air Force deployed the B-52 strategy. After the bomber approached Russian airspace, the more advanced B-1B Lancer supersonic bomber was once again dispatched, approaching Russian airspace from the Far East.


The mystery of the bomber on the moon

The origin of these four bombers, we have to talk about the historical events that took place that year. On December 5, 1945, shortly after the Second World War, the 19th Bomber Group of the US Naval Air Force received the order and was ordered to send four. A Grumman bomber took off from the Fort Finddale base in Florida and flew to patrol the Atlantic Ocean.