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The mysterious metal pillar reappeared! This time, it appeared in… (Picture)

China News Service, December 7th. According to the British Sky News website, on the morning of the 6th local time, three British citizens discovered a triangular prism-shaped metal “boulder” on the Isle of Wight, which is similar to objects previously found in the United States and Romania. similar. It is not yet known where these mysterious metal blocks originated, but the metal blocks in the United States and Romania have disappeared, causing heated discussions on the Internet.


Are aliens coming? The mysterious boulder in the United States just disappeared, and another appeared in Romania

According to the description of the movie, the surface of this mysterious boulder is very flat and strictly maintains the precise ratio of “1:4:9”. It is a creation of highly intelligent creatures, precisely because it inspired ancient apes, humans It was able to appear on the earth, and in the following millions of years, mysterious boulders appeared on the moon and Jupiter’s orbit one after another, seeming to guide the development of human civilization step by step.


With an annual output of 250,000 tons of glass fiber, Jushi Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing Base was put into operation

On November 18, the commissioning ceremony of China Jushi·Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing Base was held in the European Industrial City of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. Due to development needs, Jushi Chengdu started the relocation of the entire plant in 2019. The base project officially started construction in the European Industrial City on March 29 of that year. The first-stage project and the second-stage project were implemented with an annual output of 130,000. Intelligent glass fiber manufacturing lines of 120,000 tons and 120,000 tons were officially put into operation on the same day.


The boulder was precisely cut four thousand years ago. Who did it? Science still can’t explain

The earth is our home for hundreds of thousands of years, and it carries all the history, rise and fall of mankind. It has witnessed the towering of pyramids under the yellow sand, and has also seen the cruel game between tribes. Today, thanks to advanced science and technology, mankind’s understanding and understanding of the earth has undergone earth-shaking changes compared to thousands of years ago.