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11-year-old boy in Texas freezes to death, his mother claims $100 million from power company

   China News Service, February 23. According to comprehensive U.S. media reports, in recent days, many parts of the United States have been ravaged by winter blizzards and suffered power outages. An 11-year-old boy died at home in Texas. The boy’s mother sued the Texas Electric Reliability Commission (ERCOT) and Entergy, claiming that their serious negligence caused the boy’s death and demanded $100 million in compensation.


A 16-year-old boy hides in the landing gear of an airplane

China News Service, February 7th. According to the British “Guardian” report on the 6th, recently, a 16-year-old Kenyan boy was smuggled from Kenya to the Netherlands by hiding in the landing gear of a cargo plane. When he was found, he was caught with a severe hypothermia. Sent to a doctor and is currently in good condition.


A British female teacher had an improper relationship with a 15-year-old student. Her husband insisted on going hand in hand to court

Based on the news of the New York Post, Daily Mirror and other foreign media on January 19, the 35-year-old British married female teacher Candice Barber, accompanied by her husband Daniel, walked into the courtroom. She is suspected of inciting and inducing minors under the age of 16 to have an improper relationship. In September 2018, Barber served as a grooming supervisor in a school. In a physical education class, Barber met a 15-year-old male student.


American female teacher repeatedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy when she was accused of tutoring. The mother of the child turned to the phone photo:feeling sick

On January 5, Alexandria Allen, a former female teacher in Kentucky, USA, was charged with third-degree rape for having sex with a 15-year-old boy during his tutoring. The police arrest warrant showed that between March and October 2020, the teacher had sex with boys in three locations, including the local Hilton Garden Inn. The boy’s mother found the nude photos and videos of him and Allen on her phone and called the police.


In the relationship, you can’t be too sensible, the less cherished you will be

Many girls may have been educated to be sensible, independent, and assertive since they were young. Once this kind of thinking is formed, it will be difficult to change. Even when they grow up, they have boyfriends and are still educated every day. To protect yourself, don’t always eat, drink, and spend others. Love is mutual. If a boy goes out to earn money and care for his family, the girl should take care of the housework at home and take care of the elderly, children, and husband.

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