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Canada announced a new plan to deal with climate change to cap oil and gas pollution

China News Agency, Toronto, November 1 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) – on November 1, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced several new action plans for the Canadian government to strengthen its efforts to deal with climate change, including that Canada will take the lead in setting limits and caps on pollution in the oil and gas industry in major oil producing countries, and reduce to net zero emissions by 2050.


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: Diversity is the source of power in Canada

China News Service, Toronto, September 6th. Canadian Federal Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is running for re-election, said in an interview with Toronto Chinese Radio Network FM105.9 that diversity is the source of power in Canada. , Not weakness. He reiterated that no form of racism will be tolerated.


Canadian experts and civil groups call on the Canadian government to focus on its own interests and release Meng Wanzhou as soon as possible

   China News Service, Toronto, August 27 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) On August 26, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was detained in Canada for 1,000 days. In the past few days, some Canadian legal experts, scholars on international issues, and non-governmental organizations have spoken on different occasions, calling on the Canadian government to truly focus on its own interests, make the right choice, and release Meng Wanzhou as soon as possible.


Shocking! 751 unmarked graves found in Canada, Trudeau apologizes

China News Service, June 26. Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 24th local time, an aboriginal organization in Canada announced that they had found 751 unmarked graves on the site of an aboriginal school in Saskatchewan. . In response, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement, saying that he felt “very sad” and apologized to the indigenous people.