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Cannavaro:ready to go back to Europe to coach, and often compare himself with the famous coach in China

Tiger Fighting, January 26, according to the”Inter 1908″ website reported that recently, Evergrande coach Cannavaro said when he participated in a live broadcast that he was ready to return to coach in Europe.”Last year Evergrande focused on introducing Brazilian players and naturalizing them as Chinese internationals. The team’s strength is still good. We lost the league finals? Suning didn’t have a shot in the first round, and Suning had two goals in the second round. Two goals were scored with a kick.


Cannavaro:If Cassano has my mind, he can win 5 Golden Globes

Cannavaro recently accepted an interview with BoboTV. He said that if he had his own mind, Cassano could have won 5 Golden Globe Awards. Cannavaro said:”Now there is no player like Cassano in football. If he had my mind back then, he could win 5 Golden Globes.


Sports:Guangzhou team and Kashuai do not have any early termination clauses, they can only pay 200 million yuan if they want to terminate the contract

Hupu News on January 16 According to a report from”Sports Weekly” reporter Ye Hui, Zheng Zhi, who has been promoted to the club’s general manager, will lead the team to start the first class of winter training at the base of the Guangzhou team next Friday. There is no early termination clause that can be triggered. Reports revealed that the possibility of the Guangzhou team changing coaches before the start of the new season is getting smaller and smaller.


The Cannavaro team will set off tomorrow, and Shanghai will be in isolation! Revealed that he has lost the right to decide on signings

According to reporter Lin Benjian’s report, Evergrande coach Cannavaro and his team will leave for China on January 11 and will enter Shanghai for isolation. However, a number of Guangdong media reporters revealed that Cannavaro has lost Evergrande’s right to sign in. It has been reported that Cannavaro, the currently most controversial coach of Evergrande, will leave for China next week.


Lecco is here, and Kashuai will leave? Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG perform the derby change in advance, and Beijing Guoan”the oriole is behind”?

On the first day of the new year of 2021, Shanghai SIPG Club announced that Croatian coach Ivan Lecco will be the coach of the team. At the end of the 2020 Super League season, the news that the domestic football is very raging is that the failed defending Guangzhou Evergrande appointed captain Zheng Zhi as the general manager, suspected to be”overhead” coach Cannavaro with an annual salary of 12 million euros.


Reporter:Kashuai has already lost control of the team’s management, Exxon was almost kicked out of the base at the beginning of the year

Hupu News on December 6th, according to reporter Feng Zhen, Evergrande coach Cannavaro has already lost control of the team’s locker room management. At the beginning of the year, Exxon was almost kicked out of Dalian because of his dissatisfaction with Cannavaro’s arrangements. base. According to related reports, it seems that Cannavaro passively lost control of the locker room without completing his season goals, but in fact he lost control of the team since the beginning of the year and has always been consistent.


Tool man! Zheng Zhi currently holds 3 positions:Captain & Assistant & General Manager. He also served as acting coach last year.

Live Bar News on December 5 After Evergrande’s AFC exit, the club issued two announcements in a row late at night. One was to change the head coach responsibility system to the general manager responsibility system, and the other was to appoint Zheng Zhi as the general manager of the club. Zheng Zhi is currently the captain, assistant and general manager of Evergrande. Later, some media people interpreted that Evergrande’s move was weakening Cannavaro’s rights.


Reporter:The liquidated damages are as high as 200 million, and the probability of Cannavaro leaving school is not high

Live it on December 5 According to a report by reporter Cheng Jinchao, due to the existence of high liquidated damages, Cannavaro may not necessarily be in get out of class at Evergrande. Due to the poor performance of the Evergrande team in the AFC this year and the previous loss of the league championship, Cannavaro is now sitting on pins and needles in the Evergrande coaching position. The fans’ calls for him to dismiss have been louder than ever.