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Summer League:cumminga scored 29 points, Wiseman Moody’s performance was poor, and the warriors lost to Celtic

In today’s summer league, Celtics won warriors 103-92. The Celtics took the lead in the”replay of the finals”. Thomas scored three points in a row and caben Gele made an air connection of 2+1. Then the Celtics scored three points in a row. Their offensive touch burst in the first quarter, leading 35-12 at one time, and finally leading 20 points to end the first quarter. The two sides tied in the second quarter, with Celtics leading 64-44 at half time.


Tatum scored 29 points and made six mistakes. The green army swept the basket and Durant scored 39 points

The Celtics beat the nets 116-112 away, advanced to the eastern semi-finals 4-0 in the series, and will face the winners of the bucks and bulls. The nets became the only team to be swept in the first round. At the beginning, Jay Brown made jump shots in a row, Tatum assisted hofford under the basket, and the Celtics took the lead 8-2. Little curry hit three points and Durant broke out to equalize the score.


The team ranks first in the East Embiid:We will get better and better

On January 23, Beijing time, the 76ers played another game with the Celtics at home. In the last game, Joel Embiid played well, making 12 of 19 shots, 17 of 21 free throws, 42 points and 10 rebounds, helping the team to win 117-109. After the game, Smart claimed that Embiid always flopped on the court, while Embiid denied it and said that Smart is the player who likes to flop.


The Green Army has agreed to renew the contract with TD Garden Arena for 15 years. The new contract will last until the 2035-36 season

Live Bar, January 22, according to the”Boston Globe” reporter Adam Himmelsbach reported that the Celtics have agreed to extend their contract with TD Garden Arena for 15 years, and the new contract will last until the 2035-36 season. When the TD Garden was opened in 1995, the Celtics used it as their home stadium. The arena can accommodate 18,624 people.


Tatum tested positive for new crown and will be quarantined for 10-14 days

Celtic star Jason Tatum has entered a 10-14 day quarantine period because of the new crown health and safety regulations. According to Celtic team reporter Mark Murphy, Tatum tested positive for the new crown today and is awaiting confirmation. He has no symptoms. Reporter Gary Washburn reported that Tatum tested negative for the first time on Friday and was positive for the second time.


Celtic legend Jones dies, has won 12 championships

China News Service, December 26. Beijing time December 26, according to foreign media reports, NBA Celtics legend KC-Jones died at the age of 88. Born in 1932, Jones was selected by the Celtics in the 13th round of the 1956 NBA Draft. After serving two years of military service, he joined the NBA until he retired in 1967. He played for Kyle throughout his career. Special people.


Haynes:Tristan Thompson joins Celtics with 19 million in two years

Live it on November 22 According to the name Chris Haynes, free agent center Tristan Thompson has joined the Celtics. According to the Cavaliers reporter, he and the Celtics signed a two-year 19 million middle-class contract. Last season, TT averaged 12 points, 10.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game, with a shooting percentage of 51.2%.


Celtics pack Borill + cash to the Thunder

The Celtics officially announced that Vincent Porill and the cash deal will go to the Thunder in exchange for a future second round with conditional protection. The Celtics’ second-round pick with the top 55 overall protection means it is impossible to get this pick.


The Celtics even promoted Perkins’ birthday:Kendrick Perkins, happy birthday

Tiger Fighting November 11 News Today, the Celtics officially updated Twitter, posting a photo of former NBA player Kendrick Perkins and sending birthday wishes to him.”Kendrick Perkins, happy birthday ☘️?.” Celtic officials wrote in a tweet. Perkins played for the Celtics in the 03-11 season and won the NBA championship with the team in 2008.