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Progress in research on one-dimensional spin-charge separation phenomenon

Researcher Guan Xiwen, PhD student Feng He, researcher Jiang Yuzhu, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of Beijing Computing Science Research Center Lin Haiqing, Professor Randy Hulet of Rice University, and Pu Han of the Institute of Precision Measurement Science and Technology Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences collaborated with Pu Han. The product system theory is used to obtain the precise results of the unique fractionated quasi-particles and spin-charge separation phenomenon of the one-dimensional ultra-cold Fermi gas, and the specific scheme for experimental verification of the one-dimensional multi-body physical phenomenon is given. Progress has been made in the study of the general law of body fitness.


Those things about electricity and magnetism (2)

Maxwell’s first equation describes the electric field alone, so let’s take a look at the electric field alone. From the well-known Franklin kite experiment, we know that people are no longer interested in electricity for a day or two.