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Han’s parents abused their 1-year-old daughter to death, and stepped on her stomach to break her bones! 200,000 people petition, Moon Jae-in speaks

In the New Year, South Korean social media and TV stations, celebrities and even ordinary people shouted a word-“Jung In, I’m sorry”. Zheng Ren, a 16-month-old girl, died tragically under the abuse of her parents. What is even more irritating is that the innocent child had several chances to escape the clutches, but because of repeated negligence, he died.


After watching these 10 moments, I decided to forgive this bad 2020

2020 is finally over. Some people say that this year is not worth it. Yes, epidemics, wildfires, floods, earthquakes…accidents always come so unexpectedly, and life is unsatisfactory. I wanted to shout for countless times:”Get out, 2020!” But when it came to this day, I looked back and found that although it is not as perfect as I imagined, it does not seem so bad.


The Vietnamese woman coaxed the child to sleep, and the python broke into the house. The first reaction of the woman was to hold the child.

Recently, some media reported that a Vietnamese snake broke into a house, frightening the residents. It is understood that the incident took place on December 29. According to live surveillance video, a woman was coaxing a child in a hammock to sleep. Because the temperature on their side was also quite high, the door of their house was open. Just then a python entered the room.


A woman in Africa started giving birth at the age of 13, gave birth to 44 children in 23 years, and begged the doctor to remove her uterus

Some people are loved all their lives. This kind of life is enviable, but there are other people in their lives who have accepted less love from the beginning. They seem to be very pitiful, and even live for others all their lives, never really doing it. Live by yourself. They may have entered the vortex of fate since childhood, forced to marry by their parents, and become a fertility machine after marriage.