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The two-way trade volume between China and Australia is about 1,048 billion! Australian media:Australia will not be affected no matter how troublesome

This article is an original article of”Golden Ten Data”. Reprinting without permission is prohibited. Offenders must be investigated. In the past year, following a series of wrong moves by Australia, China-Australia relations have fallen to their lowest point in the 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. However, Australia recently released a new data to show that despite the continuous trade turmoil between China and Australia, the bilateral trade volume still achieved growth. What are the facts? China-Australia trade reached 1.048 billion!


Is the situation bad? Australia’s desire to survive is overwhelming, urgently mobilize the cabinet to send a strong signal to China

After a series of tense political pressure on China, the Australian government suddenly wanted to change the top level, claiming to improve China-Australia relations. According to Australian media on the 18th, Australian Prime Minister Morrison reorganized the cabinet. The former Minister of Education Dan Tehan was appointed as the Minister of Trade of Australia and the Minister of Trade Simon Birmingham was transferred to the post of Minister of Finance.


It’s too late for Morrison to regret now. China has once again dropped a punch, but the worse is still to come

Recently, frictions between China and Australia have continued. Australian media have hyped that”Australian coal ships could not clear customs and landed and were stranded in Chinese ports for a month.” The Ministry of Commerce of China has announced anti-dumping measures against wines originating in Australia. . In addition, on November 30, Morrison ignored the Australian army’s atrocities in Afghanistan, accused China of fabricating facts, and demanded an apology from the Chinese government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Sure enough, Tsai Ing-wen will not let go of this”anti-China” opportunity

Guide:Some time ago, a video of Australian soldiers shooting an innocent frightened man in an Afghan village went viral. According to reports, the commander-in-chief of the Australian Ministry of Defence issued a notice stating that from 2006 to 2016, several Australian special forces soldiers killed 39 Afghans in 23 consecutive incidents. Among the killed residents included civilians and civilians. child.


The United States and France”reap the benefits of the fishermen” and accelerate their seizure of the Chinese market. Australia”seeks for peace” twice in 3 days

If it were normal, the US’s voice for Australia in the accident would definitely make Australia”grateful.” However, when the trade relationship between Australia and China was broken and the Australian army was exposed to the dehumanization of innocent people and children, the US’s voice was no different. Adding fuel to the fire has made the situation of Australia, which is trying to shift its international focus and focusing on improving relations with China, more difficult.


The loss will exceed 550 billion! All walks of life in Australia speak out to”support” China, and Australia also responds

Due to the fermentation of the comic incident, the”war of words” between China and Australia has lasted for nearly a week, which has cast a shadow on the already precarious Sino-Australian trade. Since the start of this rare”war of words”, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom have”stepped forward” to support Australia while relentlessly accepting the Chinese market that should belong to Australia. This has made the export of Australian products to China even worse.”. Under this circumstance, all sectors in Australia”cannot sit still.” Voices from all walks of life in Australia:China-Australia friction, the”crime” is in Australia!