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Venezuela’s attitude towards China has changed drastically, and the United States directly sanctions Chinese companies. Hua Chunying makes her point clear

Venezuela is the country with the most oil reserves in the world, but due to the influence of the United States, the country’s oil exports have been severely impacted. Last August, the country announced that it would stop exporting oil to China. However, with the decline of the United States and the new crown epidemic situation During the Great Depression, Venezuela announced a major change in its attitude towards China, and first resumed its oil supply to China. However, the move to throw an”olive branch” to China made the United States extremely anxious.


NASA:China is not terrible, the terrible thing is that they will fulfill the dream of mankind for 44 years

Many people are both familiar and unfamiliar with China’s aerospace technology. In the decades of rapid development, countries have carried out research in their respective fields of science and technology, and China has also continued to improve in the field of aerospace technology. From the Dongfanghong Satellite 1 in the 1970s to the current Chang’e 5 lunar exploration trip, all witnesses the development of China’s aerospace industry.


Australian coal will be completely in the cold? China is looking for three other cooperation, Australia’s interpretation is self-explanatory

As China has officially imposed anti-dumping sanctions on Australian wine, China-Australia trade relations have announced that they have entered a long-term weakening stage. The Australian media said China’s move was a heavy blow to Australia. However, some Australian officials still stubbornly made some very outdated remarks, which made Chinese netizens angry.


Australia’s performance today left us stunned again

Source:Make a knife today, Brother Dao ushered in a surprise. In response to a question about the China-Australia”caricature incident” at a regular press conference, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying mentioned a piece of yesterday’s article:Mr. Morrison:Your soldiers do better than my paintings. More cruel! Moreover, this title has not changed a word. Brother Dao immediately added two chicken legs to the editor who operated this article.


Morrison intensified, Australian media suddenly attacked:Japan-Australia cooperation does not respect China

Author:In the Australian Broadcasting Corporation published a negative article, article is titled,”by Australia and China trade conflicts, understand the importance of Beijing’s power.” The article criticized the Morrison government and stated that Australia and Japan are not sincere in their attitude towards China in cooperating. China is Australia’s largest trading partner. Affected by the epidemic, Australia’s economy needs China.


Repeated mistakes, China chose not to forgive, and Britain paid the price for their mistakes

Now the situation in the whole world has become very complicated, and there have been very serious health incidents all over the world. The occurrence of this incident has had a series of effects on all countries. The most influential one is the economic problem, because every country in the world is in a state of economic difficulties, but it is very troublesome to solve this problem.