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The new Chinese Super League team Yatai ushered in”good news” in the new season, the Chinese Super League or will reduce the number of relegation places

Source:Jiwang.com On December 29, the Chinese Football Association held a communication meeting on the 2021 Super League schedule. On the 30th, a reporter from China’s Jilin Net learned from the participants that at this meeting, there was an inclination plan for the Chinese Super League competition system for the 2021 season. According to this inclination plan, in the next 2022 season, the Chinese Super League will expand to 18. Support, and the expansion plan will start in the 2021 season.


Wasao parting, and Victoria! Guoan Zhongwei announces good news, the wife is like a flower! Super League fans exclaimed:never miss Varga anymore

The implementation of the most stringent salary limit in history has allowed a large number of international big-name foreign players to choose to leave the Super League after this season. Shandong Luneng’s Pellet is one of them. For the fans, apart from being unable to appreciate the destruction of the”Italian Cannon”, Pellet’s wife, Varga, known as the”Valga”, is also quite disappointing. Inside and outside of the Super League, there is a lack of beautiful scenery.


Pan Suning failed to create a miracle! The new Chinese super king missed the double crown and ended unbeaten in 19 games

When Suning appeared in the Football Association Cup with the all-China class and could make it to the finals, it had already shocked the outside world. However, Suning failed to create a miracle in the final against Luneng, who was oppressed by 5 foreign aids. The new super king was just the super new king and failed to become the double champion. In the 2021 season, when Suning embarks on the road to defending the Super League, it is likely to have”changed his face.”


The Football Association has formulated four plans to prepare for next year’s Super League

How are the competition plans for the Chinese Super League, Chinese League A and Chinese League B scheduled for the 2021 season? The answer to this question was not clear at the special governance meeting of the professional league held in Shanghai this week, but it is the focus of attention of all parties including clubs, sponsors, media, and fans. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association is also stepping up the implementation of related work recently.


Foreign media concerned about the Super League’s new deal:a large number of foreign aid is about to”flee”

[Article/Observer Network Deng Ruikan] Recently, a series of salary limit policies issued by the Chinese Football Association have caused extensive discussion, and public opinion has mixed praise and criticism for related”relentless moves.” Compared with the situation of local players being cut because of”high salary and low energy”, the huge salary adjustment of foreign aid has attracted more attention from foreign media. Many foreign media unanimously predicted that the Super League may usher in a”foreign aid collective escape.”


Chinese Football Association announces league salary limit and club name new policy

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese Football Association recently held a special governance meeting for professional leagues in Shanghai to announce the 2021-2023 season professional league clubs at all levels of the financial agreement indicators, and issued the”Notice on the implementation of non-corporate changes in league names at all levels.


Close policy loopholes, China Super League reform bright sword

The 2020 Chinese Football Professional League Special Governance Work Conference was held in Shanghai yesterday. At the meeting, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the new rules and regulations of the club’s neutralized name change and limited salary and investment restrictions. Compared with the initial policy direction, the relevant implementation rules have blocked the possible loopholes in the policy, showing the attitude and determination of the Chinese Football Association towards reform.


The most stringent salary limit in Chinese football has been issued, and the more stringent is to limit the total salary of the team, and directly demote and ban the game by fraud.

[The most stringent salary limit in Chinese football is issued, and the more stringent is to limit the total salary of the team, and directly demote and ban the game through fraud] Today, at the”2020 China Football Professional League Special Governance Work Conference” held by the Chinese Football Association, the most severe salary limit in history Ling was officially introduced. Compared with the salary limit issued by the Chinese Football Association a year ago, the highest annual salary of both domestic players and foreign players has been directly cut back.


China Super League will say goodbye to sky-high foreign aid

In the recent Chinese Super League work conference and investor conference, there was news that there will be many reforms in the Chinese Super League in 2021, and the most concerned is the salary cut. After the new leadership of the Chinese Football Association came to power, it has already led a player pay cut. But obviously, they felt that it was not enough. Continued salary cuts are already on the line.