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Hundreds of billions were wasted, the scam finally ended:this domestic”chip company” dismissed everyone

In the past year, with Huawei being stuck,”chips” have always been a topic of concern to many people. Everyone hopes that Chinese companies can make breakthroughs in the chip field and strive to end the situation of being constrained by others as soon as possible. But in this process, there are also many crooks who want to fish in troubled waters and take advantage of the country and the people’s concern for the chip industry to make a fortune. Among them, Wuhan Hongxin is the most courageous.


SMIC was blacklisted, White House official:China is not allowed to make chips by any means

According to British media reports recently, the Trump administration is about to announce that 89 Chinese companies in aerospace and other fields”have military backgrounds” and basically prohibit these companies from purchasing a series of American products and technologies. The most affected is SMIC, the largest enterprise in China’s chip industry, which has become a concentrated attack target of the United States.


60 chip experts disappeared collectively? Stop falsely spreading falsehoods, the MH370 crash is very complicated

According to Observer.com, as the global situation has changed rapidly since the beginning of this year, the MH370 air crash that was once almost forgotten was once again”dug out”. Some even pointed out that 60 chip experts disappeared collectively as the plane disappeared. Really Is it a coincidence? This matter was dug up again, and combined with the current situation, one has to wonder whether the disappearance of MH370 is really tricky?


The US military hijacked 60 Huawei and ZTE chip experts on MH370? What the hell…

Wen Observer Network Zhou Yibo Six years ago, Malaysia Airlines MH370 mysteriously disappeared, and the 227 passengers on board also disappeared, including 154 Chinese citizens. For a long time, the world has been trying to crack the secret that can be called the biggest mystery in aviation history, but when the search for the truth turned into conspiracy-theoretic suspicion, the nature of the matter changed. Recently, a”60 chip experts died of MH370! Foreign media exposed the truth?


Breaking the monopoly of the United States and Japan, my country’s high-end photoresist welcomes the first production line! Can be used for 7nm chip manufacturing

In fact, my country has made preliminary developments in the three key processes of semiconductor design, packaging and testing, and manufacturing. Recently, there is good news in the field of photoresist, a key material for chip production, and it is expected to bring a major breakthrough in my country’s 7nm chip production.