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The Beijing Division of the Chinese University Student 3×3 Basketball League Provincial and City Championship ends

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Chinanews.com, Beijing, April 28. The reporter learned from the organizers that the 2020-21 season of the Chinese University Student 3×3 Basketball Campus League Beijing sub-station ended recently. The men’s high-level team champion was won by the Tsinghua University Men’s Basketball Peak Team. The men’s open group champion was won by the North China University of Technology’s postgraduate and masters team; the women’s group champion was won by the Peking University Wang Jian team. They will participate in the national finals in June.


Guangxi University students sing folk songs, colorful activities to welcome the Zhuang nationality’s “March 3”

The picture shows college students singing folk songs. Photo by Huang Yongdan

The picture shows the folk songs of Zhuangxiang students. Photo by Duan Haowei

The picture shows college students competing in archery. Gao Ji-meng

The picture shows the scene of spinning top. Gao Jizheng

The picture shows the bamboo pole dance performance. Photo by Zhang Yue

The picture shows a hundred people dancing “Happiness Folk Song”. Photo by Zhang Yue

On April 10th, Guangxi University held the 2021 “Sing a Folk Song for the Party” ethnic culture series activities. College students dressed in national costumes participated in antiphonal songs, throwing hydrangea, archery, topping, rolling hoop, and stilettos. And other traditional cultural projects, as well as Zhuang language microphones, ethnic ornaments and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and other experience activities to jointly welcome the Zhuang nationality’s “March 3rd” national traditional festival. This event focused on celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party, combining ethnic unity education with ethnic cultural experience, and attracting college students to actively participate.


Photos|The Ninth College Student TV Festival in Chengdu concluded, Zhang Yishan and Li Yitong were named”Spokeners of Youth”

On the evening of September 19, the closing ceremony of the Ninth China University Student Television Festival was held in Chengdu. Through anti-epidemic volunteers, college student village officials and other outstanding youth representatives, they told the inspirational experiences and touching stories of contemporary youth, reflecting the vigorous, youthful and beautiful image of Chinese college students.


Yangjiang Vocational College:More than 100 college students have been recruited into the army

It is understood that Yangjiang Vocational and Technical College has carried out recruitment orders and various recruitment policies and regulations in accordance with the requirements of superior recruitment departments every year since the recruitment of soldiers in the winter of 2003. Culture and age are all outstanding. Every year, the recruitment of recruits was successfully completed, and a batch of college students was sent to the army.