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Who is the strongest personal clothing of the girls?

In addition to watching acting, the private clothing of female stars is also a point that attracts everyone’s attention. Although Zhou Dongyu is not in the public aesthetics, her appearance is the same as that of many single eyelid actresses.


Chengdu girls are good at wearing them. When the autumn arrives, they stage a”street shooting show”. This is too beautiful.

This fall, I came to Chengdu. The beauty of the young lady on the street is one aspect, but when I look at it, it’s really amazing. Although tops and trousers are the most common outfits, yes, Chengdu girls who can wear them are unwilling to be ordinary. They use the same color, tight and loose, and good proportions, etc. to wear the most ordinary. Wear it for the most fashionable feeling.


Yin Tao’s figure is really suitable for wearing a shirt. The sleeves are stretched out to show her slender forearms, showing a cool air.

There are many retro fashion clothing, such as pleated skirts, puff sleeve clothing or denim fabric clothing, all belong to the”resurgence” fashion, especially the wear of denim fabrics, but also daily and versatile, denim skirts, denim Clothing or jeans, each type of denim fabric has its own charm, so this time, let’s learn how to wear jeans first.


Detailed strategy and collocation features of 45 types of jeans

The author has been interested in denim clothing for a long time, but because of the limited background knowledge in this area, he has been unable to write with a hand pen. Later, by coincidence, he found a foreign manuscript and studied it carefully. Isn’t it the type you are looking for? Therefore, some references and supplementary statements have been made.


During the season of tight budgets, use basic models to transition in style. 4 practical suggestions are worth learning

Every season change will trigger our desire to shop, but wallets are tight and budgets are limited. What’s more, after the special period of this year’s epidemic, I believe that many professional women are more or less aware of the savings. It’s important, so Avery today collected some practical suggestions for bloggers who focus on practical basics. Let’s learn from them.


Victoria’s Secret show wrestling accident, from supermodel to wealthy wife giving birth, Xi Mengyao never lost fashion

Foreword:Fashion supermodel Xi Mengyao, who came from a talent show, step by step, relies on her own efforts to go to the world. She has also walked the show for Victoria’s Secret and endorsed other brands many times. The wrestling incident of the Victoria’s Secret show once became a fashion hotspot. Soon after, it was revealed that he was in love with the gambling king’s son He Youjun. Their love and marriage have always been controversial. After all, wealthy wives are not good enough.