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A woman who loves”dressing up” and”not dressing up” can understand her color matching level, the gap is too big

Whether a person has temperament and whether he can dress up is not only based on his looks and figure, but more importantly, on her understanding of dressing. When many people choose clothes, they only pay attention to styles and ignore colors. It is easy to cause your dressing style and your own temperament to be greatly compromised. How to distinguish between a woman who loves to dress up and a woman who does not dress up?


Climate warming, animals change “color”

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Groger’s law is based on German biologist Constantin Gloge


From”rustic” to”exquisite than passersby”, if you want to do this, it is recommended to refer to 2 color schemes

Summer goes to autumn, and the atmosphere of autumn is getting heavier and heavier. When the season changes, everyone has to face big purchases, and many brand merchants will also take advantage of the autumn to come up with new fashionable items. I also found many girls in shopping malls. When buying new items inside, first look at the style and then the color.