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Thai Prime Minister Prayut:Students who do not want to participate in political activities are being bullied

According to Thai media reports, on August 18, Thai Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, General Prayut, said at a press conference that the relevant assembly personnel proposed to remove 250 parliamentarians and amend the constitution within September. He said:Personally, he has no divergent views on amending the constitution. Every party is discussing jointly, including the government coalition and political parties are also preparing to amend the constitution. They also need to discuss ideas for constitutional amendment with the Unconventional Education Commission in order to deal with opposition. The recommendations made to the government are consistent.


The constitutional amendment is overwhelmingly passed, the next president of Russia is ready, the Western world should be in a dilemma

Recently, the revision of Russia’s constitution has attracted the attention of various parties. Whether this revision is successful or not is related to the election of Russia’s next president. According to the latest news from the Observer Network on July 6, on July 1, Russia held a referendum. The main purpose of this referendum was to decide whether the amendment could be passed. On July 2, the Central Election Commission announced This time.


The next President of Russia is ready! 80%of voters support key figures

Regarding the successor to the Russian President, Putin’s successor has always been the focus of the international community’s attention. Especially when Putin’s term is about to come, there are speculations about the next president of the world’s major powers, and now there is an explosive news. Major changes have taken place in Russia, and the next presidential candidate is about to come out, directly detonating public opinion in the international community.