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Corn prices rose on April 25! Hebei rose sharply and Shandong fell slightly

Corn prices rose and fell in North China. The price of corn in Northeast China is stable. With good progress in epidemic prevention and control in Jilin, the corn trade is restored, the processing enterprises are active in replenishing the warehouse, the traders have a strong attitude of supporting the price, and the corn price is easy to rise but difficult to fall.


The international oil price has risen again! The United States releases”big news”, and corn may”change”! What’s the matter?

Looking back on this year’s crude oil market, the crude oil price has fluctuated at a high level since the beginning of this year. With the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the oil price has experienced two relatively large jumps in March. Both American oil and oil distribution once exceeded the $130/barrel mark, breaking the highest value since 2008.


On March 14th, the price of pigs and food was warned. Corn fell miserably. The price of pigs fell for 11 straight times.

Guide:In recent days, as the temperature in many parts of the north and south of my country has gradually risen, the grass-roots sales of grain in the northeast of the production area have gradually increased. Yesterday, according to feedback from netizens, there are grain farms in Heilongjiang in the northeast of Heilongjiang. The seller did not agree, but the grain farmers want to sell to 1.


Corn market weekly summary

[Today’s Processing Enterprise News] Today’s corn market processing enterprises are still in a state of slight decline, and individual enterprises have recovered. The purchase price of Guangyu starch in Xingtai, Hebei was 2,320 yuan/ton, an increase of 4 yuan/ton from yesterday; the purchase price of Mengzhou Houyuan Biotechnology in Jiaozuo, Henan was 2,220 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton from yesterday; Linyi Yishui Hongyuan, Shandong The purchase price of feed mills was RMB 2,320/ton, down RMB 20/ton from yesterday.


Corn Daily Review:Ups and downs are elusive, and there is no time for bottoming out

Looking at the vehicles in front of the Shandong deep processing plant today, the number of vehicles has been reduced again and again, and it has fallen to the lowest point in recent days. In terms of ports, today’s mainstream prices at Jinzhou Port and Bayuquan Port are basically stable. Traders’ quotations are relatively large, and only a few have declined.