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Pompeo said that China’s assistance to African countries”always in exchange for what (benefit)” Zhao Lijian:Provoking China-Africa relations does not make”America great again”

Source:Global Network [Global Times-Global Network Reporter Li Sikun] On July 10, 2020, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference, some of which are as follows:Q:US Secretary of State Pompeo recently said that the United States China and Russia are dissatisfied with the economic cooperation between African countries and hope that these African countries can make other decisions and cherish the fact that European and American countries are”real partners”.


The total national assets of Germany are approaching 30 trillion yuan, and Japan has broken 100 trillion. What about China?

Looking at the world, the United States, China, and Japan are the top three countries in terms of GDP, especially China and the United States. Their GDP has reached more than 10 trillion US dollars, and their volume is far ahead. Of course, looking at GDP alone is not comprehensive enough. If we look at the total assets of the country, what would be the ranking of these big countries?


The only neighbouring country in Asia that has no diplomatic relations with China, the capital is only 45 kilometers away from China

With the continuous improvement of China’s national strength in recent years, more and more overseas countries have started diplomatic exchanges with China. However, while many overseas countries have established diplomatic relations with China, at the border of China, there is always a neighboring country. Without establishing diplomatic relations with China, this country is the only neighboring country in Asia that has not established diplomatic relations with China, and its capital is only 45 kilometers away from China.


Finally, Russia made a choice between China and the United States

This is the 7 industrialized countries gathered together to discuss some international issues, led by the United States, it is worth noting that in the other 6 countries participating in the meeting, only Japan is an Asian country, showing Japan’s unique diplomacy in the heart of the United States status. Russia has chosen between China and the United States.


When will the epidemic end? The WHO announced the good news that the United States may become the biggest”variable”

Beginning in early 2020, the New Coronavirus broke out around the world. Today, many Asian regions have controlled the epidemic and began to recover the economy steadily. However, in the European countries and the United States, the number of new patients every day is still tens of thousands, and many people are facing unemployment. , Bankruptcy, displacement and other survival issues, the situation is becoming more and more urgent.


Trump:Just take paper and exchange supplies with you, the United States prints another 5 trillion US dollars, countries are no longer silent

Trump:Just take paper and exchange supplies with you, the United States prints another 5 trillion dollars, and countries are no longer silent! Trump’s current attitude is even more offensive, because now Trump is giving people a kind of you can help me He feels as if Trump is telling countries around the world that we just want to print money madly, just to”take paper for money”, what can others do?