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The Garden of Eden in Africa, located in the second largest crater in the world, is very similar to the moon crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is located in the Great Rift Valley of Northern Tanzania. It is an extinct crater with an altitude of 2,400 meters, a diameter of about 18 kilometers, and a depth of 610 meters. It is shaped like a large basin with a”basin” of about 16 kilometers in diameter. The basin wall is steep, with a bottom area of ​​326 square kilometers. The crater is shaped like a large basin with steep”basin walls” and its shape is very similar to that of a lunar crater, making it the second largest crater in the world.


800,000 years ago, a meteorite hit the earth, but the location of the crater was not found until last year

If the planet is the protagonist of this picture, then asteroids and meteorites are embellishments. They do not emit light, but they are also part of the cosmic celestial system. There is enough evidence that 800,000 years ago, a meteorite with a diameter of more than 1 km hit the earth. However, scientists could not find where the crater was, and could only hold a few broken meteorites to meditate.


ESA probe captures breathtaking Martian giant ice lake

According to foreign media BGR reports, the ESA”Mars Express” (Mars Express) (Mars Express) (Mars Express) probe captured an image of a huge impact crater on the Martian north pole. ESA used the data collected from this mission to create a virtual video of the region flying over. This Martian lake is about 50 miles in diameter and has a water depth of more than one mile.