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“Daughter, don’t go to the man’s house to wash the dishes”:Mom’s words drew countless people’s praise

Author|Often, during this period of time, a chat record of a mother and daughter is circulated on the Internet. The daughter asked her mother:”Is the first time to visit the man’s house, do you want to wash the dishes?” The mother said nothing,”No.” As for the reason, she explained to her daughter in this way:”It’s just the lips. Said that a normal man’s house would not let him wash it for the first time.””It’s all polite, how can it be washed.


The triplets sisters gave birth to twins at the same time. The identity of the father of the child is too incredible, causing heated discussion

On November 23, 2020, a bizarre incident occurred in Tana River County, Kenya, Africa, which even alarmed the African media, because a family of triplets sister Hua actually became pregnant at the same time and gave birth to twins at Garissa Hospital. Their parents added 6 grandchildren in an instant, which makes people sigh the magic of blood relationship.


Jia Nailiang posted a still from 16 years ago, the green look is no different from the present, and it is like a copy of the sweet facial features

As Jia Nailiang’s daughter, Tianxin perfectly inherited her father’s face value. On October 23, Li Xiaolu revealed her daughter’s ancient photos and celebrated her birthday. Tianxin wore a Han costume and had a sweet smile. Compared with Jia Nailiang, who had appeared in costume dramas, The father and daughter are indeed very similar. Netizens called out”it’s almost a model carved out.”


The 42-year-old CCTV host Yao Miao wears men’s clothing to cherish the memory of the dead old superstar, and accidentally hits Lang Lang’s wife Gina

On November 6, 42-year-old CCTV host Yao Miao posted a video on social platforms. In the video, Yaomiao wore a men’s suit in memory of the original”007″ Sean Connery who passed away not long ago. Yaomiao has short slightly curly hair, full bangs, a herringbone suit, and delicate makeup on her face. She looks very young and beautiful.


A 6-year-old girl was abused by her biological mother and her boyfriend, her head was poured with boiling water, and her body was broken in 10 places

On October 27, a 6-year-old girl was abused and burned by her biological mother. The incident occurred in Fushun. The girl’s father, Tong Mou, said he would definitely return the child’s custody. Tong said that in 2018, he divorced his wife and the custody of his daughter was awarded to his mother, but the daughter has always lived with him and did not give the child to her mother until New Year’s Day this year.