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Russia newly diagnosed 9393 cases in a single day, discovering mutant strains reported in South Africa

   China News Service, March 16 According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 16th, the Russian New Crown Virus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters stated that in the past 24 hours, there have been 9393 new confirmed cases of new crown in Russia, and a total of 4,409,438 confirmed cases. According to information on the website of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau, the first mutant strain found in South Africa was discovered in Russia.


Why doesn’t the Chinese Sky Eye look for aliens, but what pulsars instead?

A piece of news recently attracted everyone’s attention, that is, my country’s”Sky Eye” fast, which was put into use in January 2020, found 240 pulsars in the universe. Many people even left a message on the Internet saying,”Isn’t fast supposed to look for extraterrestrial life? Why did it end up looking at the stars?”


Another ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was excavated

Egyptian archaeologists found another unopened sarcophagus in Sagara, adding a batch to the nearly 60 coffins recently discovered from ancient cemeteries. Although the full details have not yet been released, the authorities said in a statement that a”large amount” of wooden sarcophagi has been unearthed. The country’s Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Khalid Enani said on Instagram that”dozens” of coffins had been found, adding that they were”sealed since ancient times.”


Chinese and German scientists discovered the oldest sperm 100 million years ago, 200 microns! Four times the human sperm

Before the birth of the theory of evolution, people generally believed in the theory of creation. Westerners believed that God created the creation of men and women. In our country, there is also the theory that Nuwa created humans with clay. With the advancement of science, people understand that the continuation of complex life mainly depends on the combination of sperm and eggs in males and females.


Underwater discoveries:8 mysterious archaeological discoveries that humans have found underwater over the years

Archaeology is a university question. Most of the time, the archaeology industry is boring. Some wonderful discoveries don’t always appear every moment. From ancient prehistoric settlements to shipwrecks during World War II, today, let me share with you, underwater discoveries:8 mysterious archaeological discoveries that humans have found underwater over the years.


Astronomers discover ancient treasures of huge galaxies

Astronomers have discovered puzzling huge galaxies in the distance, and they will be key targets for the upcoming telescope. This new discovery was made using Chile’s Atacama large millimeter wave/submillimeter wave array. It gives an explanation, but there are errors in it.