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9 most exciting images of the earth taken from space

The earth photos taken in orbit are shocking, but the farther away from the earth, the more incredible they become. All along, human beings have been capturing space-based images of the earth, but the following nine images of the earth are different.


After more than 4 billion years, has the water on the earth become less? Scientists find the answer on a stone

As the current bug of the solar system, the earth has many mysteries, the biggest of which is the origin of liquid water. There are many planets with water in the solar system, but many of them are solid water. At present, people have not found another liquid ocean in the solar system. They can only speculate that there may be a liquid ocean under Europa’s thick ice.


Scientists found a super earth, 22 light-years away from us, with a similarity of 84%to the earth

The earth may not be the only one. As the distance to explore the universe gets farther and farther, the speed of exploration becomes faster and faster. It is not impossible to find a planet with greater mass and better living environment than the earth. The earth, the cradle of life, and the planet that gave birth to human civilization, what kind of planet can stimulate human desire for exploration and is expected to become the habitat that human beings fled before the destruction of the world? This kind of planet is called”super earth”. What is the definition of super earth?