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Is there a prehistoric civilization before humans

Source:Popular Science Times-Digital News The earth originated from the primordial solar nebula, and has gone through a long journey of 4.6 billion years since its formation. In the long history, is modern human civilization the only civilization that has ever appeared on the earth? Have different civilizations appeared before the emergence of mankind?


The rotation of the earth accelerates, will 2021 pass faster?

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, February 10 (Reporter Zheng Xin) Unknowingly, the hard-won year is about to pass, and the bullish New Year is already in sight. As you are preparing for the Spring Festival, do you feel that time flies by like electricity? In fact, this is not just an intuitive experience. Scientifically speaking, 2021 will indeed be slightly shorter than previous years.


Why is the earth at perihelion in winter? Summer is in the aeon?

It is winter now. I believe that many people will think that the earth is currently at the aphelion point of an elliptical orbit, because it is cold when it is far away. This is common sense in our lives when we grill the stove. This common sense is true. After all, the radiation intensity will decrease with the square of the distance. For example, if you increase the distance from the light source twice, the radiation intensity you receive will decrease by 4 times.