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Why are most of Einstein’s pictures of the upper body? After seeing his full body photo, I couldn’t help being silent.

A little story about Einstein One day, Einstein met a friend on the streets of New York. He was not well-known at the time and he was also very simple in dress. The friend said,”Sir, it seems that you need to buy a new coat. This one on your body is too old.” Who knows Einstein cast his lips and said,”What does it matter? No one knows me in New York anyway. .


Einstein:When I was a teenager, I knew that most people’s efforts and pursuits were worthless

In this life, from birth, the eyes see too many things, so naturally they want more and more things. Everyone is struggling all his life. We call our assiduously what we want to achieve as success. For example, you finally own a luxury car, or you finally become famous. This is what most people define as success, and it is also what most people pursue in a long life-material aspects.


What is needed for the next scientist who can match Einstein and Newton?

Science is the cornerstone of the progress of human society, but historically, it is not the efforts of the public that promote scientific progress, but the whimsical ideas of some talented scientists. The research results of a scientist can often promote the development of human science. Hundreds of years ago, it even completely changed our theoretical system.


Illustration of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics:the prize that made Einstein laugh and cry

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was finally awarded to the black hole that everyone has been waiting for for decades. In the eyes of astronomers, the Nobel Prize in black hole research is well received. The confirmation of the black hole theory is not only an important prediction of general relativity and the most important progress in astrophysics, but more importantly, its confirmation, which runs through classical physics and astronomy, is the master of human science.


Einstein’s achievements are unprecedented. Will anyone surpass him in the future? Could it be China?

Einstein is the greatest scientist since the 20th century. It is particularly worth mentioning that his scientific research on the theory of relativity was not confirmed until a hundred years later. This achievement seems to be unprecedented, although the conclusion of the theory of relativity has been formed. Later, Einstein used to give speeches and reports everywhere, but not many people seemed to understand.