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“Five One Hundred”, China is inseparable from struggling you and me

   China News Service, Beijing, July 26th (Zhang Yilin) ​​”Struggling people, forging China”. The prosperity of a country cannot be separated from the struggle of the people, and the development of a nation cannot be separated from the power of spirit. In the rush of times, everyone is a bright wave.


China Positive Energy 2021 “Five Hundreds” Online Collection Selection and Broadcasting Activities Launched Today

China News Service, Beijing, June 25. Sponsored by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, and hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China Central Cyberspace Administration, the China Internet Development Foundation, and CCTV.com, China Positive Energy 2021 “Five Hundreds” network boutique solicitation and selection exhibition It was officially launched on the morning of June 25. The launching ceremony opened with the micro-video “Positive Energy of China”. Five themed chapters of “Lovely China”, “Youth China”, “Affectionate China”, “Charming China” and “Endeavour in China” were launched in sequence, with online content creators and disseminators in different fields. , Participants interact and share through various forms.