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Can China reshape the world energy pattern

Due to the irreversible trend of new energy and the impact of the new crown, global energy enterprises generally reduce their investment in the field of traditional fossil energy. According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency, the global upstream investment in oil and gas reached the highest level of nearly $890billion in 2014, and then decreased almost year by year. The investment in 2020 was only $326billion, the lowest level in nearly 15 years.


Why did Europe panic when Russia moved the “air valve”?

China news service, July 12 (Zhang naiyue) – at 7:00 on the 11th Moscow time, the data of the pipeline operator Nord Stream Ag showed that the “beixi-1” natural gas pipeline, the key route for gas transmission from Russia to Europe, had suspended gas transmission and began 10 days of routine maintenance.


[challenge 365 day positive energy sketch] issue 106: college students play my motherland on the balcony of the dormitory

Recently, two girls from Shanghai University played “my motherland” on the balcony to cheer for the fight against the epidemic. The sound of the piano is soothing and beautiful, and netizens call out: tears come to my eyes when I hear this melody. During the anti epidemic period, it is still full of vitality. Perhaps this is the youth style of college students.


[sketch of challenging 365 days of positive energy] issue 102: Mother Earth planting 10 million trees in 20 years

The 40000 Mu desert and Gobi regained their green and rebirth after the 74 year old Shanghai mother Yi liberated for 20 years and planted thousands of trees. Therefore, she is also known as the “Mother Earth”. Behind the great changes are the persistence of turning green silk into white hair, the perseverance of Yugong to move mountains, and the deep love of a mother. Every day, we will draw a sketch of positive energy by hand. Let’s transfer positive energy together! ↓↓↓


China Japan (Shandong) energy cooperation and green development seminar held in Jinan

Beijing, Jinan, March 11 (reporter Sha Jianlong) China Japan (Shandong) energy cooperation and green development seminar was held in Jinan on March 11. Experts, scholars and representatives of comprehensive energy enterprises from China and Japan exchanged online and offline to reach a consensus on strengthening cooperation between China and Japan in renewable energy, especially hydrogen energy utilization and technology research and development, and ensuring green and low-carbon development of urban energy.